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Designer wedding bands and designer engagement rings offer stunning and unique designs created by artists fascinated with the metals and gemstones they work with - and with this handy guide you'll be able to find the perfect designer wedding rings that will be cherished for generations to come.

This list of wedding and engagement ring designers includes some of the most prominent ring designers, in addition to artists with designer jewelry careers which are just beginning to take off. All designers listed here have been included on EWR's exclusive designer wedding ring list because of their strong commitment to high quality wedding rings, superior fair trade ethical and eco-friendly policies plus outstanding customer service.

Click on the links to find more about each listing including metals and gemstones utilized in their designs, styles, collections, prices, policies and online availability. And if you have any questions about designer wedding bands or designer engagement rings, use the comment box to send in your questions!

ArtCarved Rings: ArtCarved has been a premier ring designer company since 1850, and although today they are more well known for crafting class rings, this famous designer ring company still maintains a lovely selection of captivating classic engagement and wedding rings. ArtCarved wedding bands and engagement rings are especially popular with couples looking for engraved wedding bands with intricate floral and leaf designs carved into the band.

  • For: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Platinum, Palladium, 18k and 14k White and Yellow Gold, Titanium, Tungsten
  • Price Range: Low to Medium
  • Design Your Own? Not available

Blue Nile: A premier online jewelry designer, Blue Nile specializes in Men and Women's engagement rings and wedding bands - plus they have designer rings created for their company by designers including Colin Cowie, Monique Lhuillier and Truly Zac Posen. They have a large selection of pre-designed wedding and engagement rings that can be fitted with a diamond of your choice, plus a large collection of loose diamonds and natural colored fancy diamonds. 

  • For: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Platinum, Palladium (limited to men's styles), 18k White and Rose gold, 14, White and Rose Gold, Tungsten and Titanium. Sapphires, Rubies, Fancy Colored Diamonds and Loose Diamonds.
  • Price Range: Medium to Very High
  • Design Your Own? No, however you can have the options to 'Build Your Own' ring using pre-set designs and diamonds, gemstones of your choice.

Brilliant Earth Rings: Hands down, Brilliant Earth is the designer wedding ring company preferred by couples looking for eco-friendly wedding rings handcrafted in the USA. In addition to men’s and women’s wedding rings in contemporary to classic styles, BE also carries an impressive selection of authentic antique and vintage engagement rings and wedding bands, loose diamonds, man-made diamonds, moissanite - plus staffs an online custom design wedding ring team that can work with you to design a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring and wedding band. 

  • For: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Platinum, Palladium, 18k White, Yellow and Rose Gold, Pink, Yellow and Blue Sapphires, Natural and Synthetic Diamonds, Various Gemstones, Moissanite.
  • Price Range: Medium to Very High
  • Design Your Own? Yes

Cartier Wedding Rings: Since 1847, Cartier has designed some of the most exquisite engagement and wedding rings. Today, Cartier engagement rings represent the very best in luxury engagement ring designs. In the last few years, Cartier has expanded its designer wedding ring styles - from modern designer engagement rings to classic creations - which feature the famous Cartier Diamonds in their best light. Cartier is also a premier innovator in designer engagement ring settings, and couples looking for unique and eye catching rings may find the perfect match with Cartier rings.

  • For: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Platinum, 18k and 14 White, Yellow and Pink Gold, Some Gemstones
  • Price Range: Moderate to Very High
  • Design Your Own? Yes, with the Set for You by Cartier Service

CRED The Fair Trade Jeweller: Established in 1996, CRED is a newer jewellery designer which quickly built a top-of-the-line reputation for outstanding creations made with outstanding standards. With sumptuous and curvaceous designs, CRED designer engagement rings and designer wedding bands offer arresting styles, including antique and contemporary European designs, and all rings are created to order.

  • For: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Mainly 18K White and yellow Gold, Some Platinum, Birthstone Gemstones
  • Price Range: Low to High
  • Design Your Own? Yes, with the CRED Bespoke Wedding Ring Service

Edward Mirell: As the architect of fine designer titanium rings and designer wedding bands, Edward Mirell is one of the leading specialty jewelry companies which offers designer men's rings and modern designer engagement rings in striking contemporary titanium styles. For unique designer wedding rings, Edward Mirell titanium jewelery (made in the USA) may offer the look you have been searching for.

  • For: Men's Wedding Bands Unique Engagement Rings
  • Materials: Mainly Titanium, Some Silver and Gold, Diamonds and Some Gemstones
  • Price Range: Low to Medium
  • Design Your Own? Not available

Kerstin Laibach: If you are searching for handmade custom engagement rings, rings crafted by this up and coming jewellery artist may offer the ideal match. Kerstin Laibach just opened her own business in 2008, and each of her pieces are made with exceptional attention to detail - plus, she has a very strong commitment to creating 100% ethical wedding rings (she even offers vegan wedding rings crafted from start to finish without the use of any animal products).

  • For: Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: 18K Yellow Gold, Silver, By Request Platinum, Platinum, Rose and White Gold
  • Price Range: Low to Medium
  • Design Your Own? Yes, With Kerstin's Bespoke Service

Reflective Images: Looking for designer Celtic wedding rings, engagement rings and matching Celtic ring sets? Then you will be sure to fall in love with the large selection of Celtic jewelry by Reflective Images. All rings are designed and handcrafted with care in a Santa Fe, New Mexico jewelry studio using eco-friendly materials.

  • For: Celtic and Irish Styled Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Platinum, Palladium, 18K and 14K Yellow, White and Rose Gold, Silver
  • Price Range: Medium
  • Design Your Own? Not available

Tiffany Wedding Rings: For famous designer engagement rings and wedding bands, Tiffany & Co. has one of the best reputations in the jewelry world. Tiffany diamond rings and wedding bands are truly magnificent works of art crafted with superior designer engagement ring settings - plus Tiffany wedding rings are sure to increase in value with time. Classic styles, especially Tiffany's designer platinum engagement ring selections, are a top favorite with newly engaged couples.

  • For: Luxury Designer Men's and Women's Wedding Rings
  • Materials: Mostly Platinum, Some 18K Yellow, White and Rose Gold
  • Price Range: Medium to High
  • Design Your Own? Some Customization Options

And this concludes our list of fabulous designer wedding bands and designer engagement rings! If you would like to add or recommend any wedding or engagement ring designers to our list - who creates high quality rings with the highest ethical and environmental standards in mind - just send in your recommendations through the comments page. You can also send in reviews on your favorite wedding ring designers - and share pics of your designer engagement ring or designer wedding bands with our viewers!

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