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A diamond appraisal can be a valuable tool for diamond and wedding ring shoppers, as long as the appraisal is authored by a reputable jeweler or a certified gemologist.

To find the best resource for evaluations on diamond rings and loose diamonds, plus info on what can affect diamond values and diamond cost and how to recognize reputable evaluations, check out the helpful info below.

If you have any questions at all about diamond values which are not answered here, just use the comment box at the end of the page to send in your questions!

Fun Fast Facts About Diamond Appraisal and Value!

A diamond appraisal should be accompanied by a diamond certificate unless the diamond has already been mounted.

Diamond value can also depend on resale factors, for example some types of diamond cuts have higher resale values than others.

The value of a diamond ring can change dramatically according to the current market value of the ring's metal.

What exactly is a diamond appraisal and when is it needed?

A diamond appraisal is a determination of the value of a loose or mounted diamond. But this document is not the same thing as a diamond certification - a diamond certification only analyzes the quality of diamonds and assigns grades to those qualities and does provide any info about diamond cost or value. You can find out more about Diamond Certifications here.

Most diamond appraisal forms contain information about the diamond including its shape, grading info (often provided by the diamond certificate or estimated by the appraiser), the type of metal the diamond is mounted in (if any), the manufacturer of the diamond ring, whether or not the diamond is synthetic or natural and notations on the quality of the ring the diamond is mounted in - for example, if the ring is handmade or machine made. And of course, the appraisal contains information about the diamond's value.

So when is it necessary to have a diamond appraised?

  • For insurance purposes to cover risks for loss, theft or damage

  • If the diamond is going to be re-sold

  • For tax purposes, for instance if the diamond is included in an estate's value

Appraisals are also needed on mounted diamonds that have never before been certified because mounted diamonds cannot go through the regular certification process (the diamond would have to be removed from the ring). So, for shoppers looking to purchase a used ring or an antique ring - or for owners who are selling a used diamond ring that has not been certified - an appraisal is an essential document which will confirm the value of the ring and protect both the buyer and the seller.

Appraisals also come in handy if you want to compare diamond values or diamond ring values.

Most appraisers recommend an appraisal on mounted diamond rings every 5 years because of the fluctuating metal's market - particular for rings made with 18k gold, palladium or platinum.

Recommended Diamond Appraisers

By far, the most reputable resource for a diamond appraisal is through an American Gem Society (AGS) certified appraiser. Not only do these appraisers go through rigorous courses on how to determine diamond values, but they also take part in ongoing educational programs too.

An American Gem Society appraiser is also a terrific resource for an unbiased third party evaluation of a diamond's value. Diamond appraisals should always be conducted by a third party not associated with the seller - but sometimes it can be difficult to determine if an appraiser is really offering an unbiased report or definitely has no connection with the seller. To be sure, EWR highly recommends appraisers through the AGS. The good news too is that it is easy to find the nearest AGS appraiser in your location - just visit this AGS page!

If it is not possible to take your diamond to an AGS appraiser, look for a certified diamond and jewelry appraiser that has plenty of experience and positive reviews.

How to Recognize Quality and Authentic Diamond Appraisals

A few things which can provide clues as to the authenticity and quality of a diamond appraisal include:

When you look at the document, make sure that the appraisal is not included on the diamond certification. This is a red flag which indicates the diamond was not certified or appraised by an independent third party. Remember, these two documents should always be completely separate.

The appraisal should indicate what type of appraisal it is (for diamonds these are usually insurance replacement or value appraisals) and the appraisal company or appraiser's name should be listed on the document.

The appraisal should always be evaluated by a certified gemologist who is also a certified appraiser. This is especially important if the diamond has not been certified because in this case the appraiser must estimate and evaluate the diamond's grade - and only a certified gemologist has the education needed to assess diamond grade values.

  • If you are paying for an appraisal, keep in mind that quality appraisals can cost upwards of two hundred or more dollars. Appraisals which are free or extremely low priced are a major red flag.

The appraisal should not be conducted by someone who has any relationship or affiliation with the seller.

What Can Affect Diamond Values?

A number of factors can affect the value listed on an appraisal. Just a few of these include any damage which has occurred to the diamond with time and the cut or shape of the diamond - for example, brilliant round diamonds are extremely popular and have a very high resale value while cushion diamonds are more of a niche market and can have slightly lower resale values.

The value of a diamond ring can also be affect by the condition of the ring, the workmanship of the ring, the current value of the metal the ring is crafted with and the quality of the mount or setting.

Certain types of antique diamond rings too are much more highly valued based on who made them or what era or style they represent.

Diamond cost and value will also be affected by the diamond color cut and clarity grade provided with the certificate or - in the case of a mounted ring - assessed by the gemologist.

And remember - a diamond appraisal can change with time based on consumer demand and current diamond market values.

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