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Citrine rings display a vivid captivating gemstone ranging in colors from pale yellow to eye-catching oranges with intense flashes of red.

Durable and affordable, this gemstone is becoming a favorite for unique rings which can stand up to the test of time and every day wear. 

If you are searching for a ring made with quality citrine, use the information about citrine here to find more about this enchanting and inspiring gemstone. And if you have any questions about citrine rings, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page to send in your questions!

Citrine Fast Fun Facts!

November Birthstone

Durability: Excellent

Meaning: Success and Fortune

Flash Factor: Good

Special Care: None

Price $$: Affordable

Availability: High

Citrine Properties

What is citrine? This gemstone is actually a type of quartz which exhibits a stunning play of light in addition to showcasing unique colors and tones. To the naked eye, some citrine gemstones are even indistinguishable from the golden topaz gemstone.

Citrine rings have been fashionable for many years, and due to the low price and wide selection of cuts, carats, and colors, a gorgeous ring featuring this amazing gemstone is a cinch to find.

Durability = Excellent
Hardness = 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.533 – 1.544
Specific Gravity = 2.66

Meaning of Citrine

Citrine is associated with monetary success and fortune. The yellow golden color is also believed to be uplifting to the spirit and helpful in lightening depressed or saddened moods.

Citrine Special Care

As a highly durable gemstone with a hardness rating of 7.0, a citrine gemstone requires no special care. To preserve a citrine ring in excellent condition for years to come though, it is best to remove the ring if you will be performing any activities which could expose the citrine gemstone to hard knocks or blows or chemicals - the ring should be removed too if you plan on swimming in chlorinated water.

And if you decide to remove the ring for awhile, it is best to store the ring in a soft pouch or box away from other pieces of jewelry to minimize scratching on the ring.

Best Cuts and Metals for Citrine Rings

Citrine shines the best in cuts that maximize brilliance and fire, these include the brilliant round, the princess cut, the pear cut, the radiant cut and the oval cut. With these types of cuts, your citrine gemstone will shine like a little orange sun!

The best metals for citrine rings are palladium and silver. Neither of these metals require rhodium plate - a process which can be damaging to citrine overtime, and both palladium and silver have a lustrous soft color that will compliment the citrine gemstone. Yellow and rose gold unfortunately do not complement this gemstone and can overpower or dull the brilliance and shine of citrine.

Citrine also pairs beautifully with diamonds, and white sapphires, which help to set off the stone's flash and fire.

Common Citrine Gemstone Enhancements

Natural citrine is considered to be somewhat rare - and that is why the majority of citrine gemstones on the market are produced by heating smoky quartz or amethyst. These treatments have an excellent rating of stability (meaning they will not fade with time) and they are an acceptable method of producing marketable citrine gemstones.

Brazil is the main location where most natural citrine is mined while other varieties come from Bolivia.

Citrine Price Guide

The price of citrine per carat can range from $10 dollars to $30 dollars. Although, the overall cost for citrine rings, wedding bands and engagement rings may have a wide price range due to the color, clarity, and cut of the stone. The carat size of the gemstone does not have much of an effect on price.

Custom cut citrine gemstones which maximize the brilliance and color of the stones are valued at higher prices as are stones which are free of any blemishes and inclusions.

The most highly valued citrine color is a deep red-orange valued at around $30 dollars per carat, and found most often in Brazil - gemstones of this color are sometimes called fire citrine. The lighter varieties of pale yellow citrine color, found often in Bolivia, have a lower value of around $10 dollars per carat.

wedding ring shopping tips

Citrine Shopping Tips

It takes a little dedication to find citrine rings or citrine engagement rings that are made with natural citrine. Simulant forms of this stone do exist, and it can be almost impossible to distinguish natural citrine from simulant citrine (like orange cubic zirconia), but here are a few tips:

Heat treatments on smoky quartz and amethyst are acceptable methods of producing citrine, 100% natural citrine is quite rare. (Natural citrine is a member of the quartz family, as are smoky quartz and amethyst).

Simulant versions of citrine (which are not created from smoky quartz or amethyst) are often lacking a professional, quality, cut. The colors of these simulant versions too are usually a blood orange color, and they sell for extremely cheap prices such as a few dollars a carat.

Citrine gemstones which have been produced through heat treatments on smoky quartz and amethyst display the highly desirable deep and brilliant orange colors and cost an average of around $30 dollars per carat. (The cost and value of citrine rings, engagement rings or citrine wedding rings can be much more for rings made with, platinum and palladium or which are made with intricate designs and superior workmanship plus feature solid long lasting quality settings).

The value of citrine increases according to the quality of the cut, clarity, and color. Look for eye clean gemstones that feature a cut which maximizes the flash and fire of the gemstone - and for stone's which display a consistent saturated color hue.

If you are not sure about the gemstone, a local certified gemologist can assess the stone and reveal whether or not you have an acceptable form of citrine (heated smoky quartz or heated amethyst) or a simulant, plus estimate the grade of the cut and clarity on the stone. (This is an especially important tip if the ring has a high value).

Stick with retailers who offer a no-nonsense refund policy - then, if your stone fails an examination by a local gemologist, you can always return it for a refund.

Any citrine and diamond ring should come with a certification report on the diamonds from a reputable laboratory like the GIA, AGS, IGI and the EGL - even small accent diamonds should come with a certificate. The only exception to this important shopping tip is if the ring is an antique, estate or vintage citrine and diamond ring - in this case, the ring should come with an appraisal or certificate which states the approximate cut, clarity and grade values of the diamonds. (This is because mounted diamonds cannot go through the certification process).

Good luck on your search for that perfect citrine ring, and if you would like to share pics of your fabulous ring or if you need information about citrine that is not answered here, or have comments or reviews to add, just use the comments page below!

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