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Brilliant Earth specializes in ravishing handmade wedding bands and engagement rings made with conflict-free diamonds and eco friendly metals - not to mention stunning detail and craftsmanship on every piece. To find out more about this amazing wedding ring designer, check-out the info below including a little BE history, designs and styles you'll find with BE, price ranges and eco ethics.

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The History of BE

Based in San Francisco, Brilliant Earth was founded by Beth Gerstein and Eric Grossberg through a shared dream to create 100% eco friendly jewelry pieces for conscientious consumers. That dream soon became a success, and today their company offers a wide selection of captivation earth friendly wedding treasures, handmade in the U.S.A.

BE Designs and Styles

These designer wedding bands and engagement rings are crafted in a lovely selection of recycled metals including 18k and 14k white, rose and yellow gold - plus platinum. Upon special request, rings may be made with palladium too.

Engagement rings and wedding rings are created with diamonds and radiant blue, pink and yellow sapphires which have been thoroughly tracked - from mining to cutting and polishing - through a strict certification process to ensure the rings are made with fair trade and low impact gemstones (many of the diamonds are sourced from Canada).

Brilliant Earth has also recently expanded its selection of lab created synthetic diamonds too - which have the exact same characteristics as real diamonds, the only difference is that they were made in nature! These synthetic fancies are available in colorless (white) diamonds and fancy colored diamonds.

BE has also added a selection of wedding rings made with the gemstone moissanite - which looks a lot like a diamond but with a little more flash and fire.

Wedding rings are available in many different styles for men and women, from plain bands to exclusive diamond wedding bands decorated with metal scrolling, leaf designs and channel set diamonds. BE collections also include magnificent diamond and sapphire wedding bands and decorative men's diamond wedding bands.

Styles for men’s wedding bands include smooth gold or platinum bands, brushed metal or matte bands, hammered bands, Celtic knot bands, bands with printed metal work and bands studded with channel set diamonds.

Women’s wedding ring sets come in similar styles and include engagement sets and rings made with breathtaking workmanship in antique and modern styles.

Even better, couples searching for matching wedding rings can find matching designs in a wide range of sizes and millimeter widths.

BE also crafts custom designed engagement rings. Couples can design a ring through the user-friendly "design your own ring" tools available at the online shop or may select to work with BE's design team for one-of-a-kind custom made wedding rings.

Brilliant Earth Antique Ring Collections

BE maintains an exceptional selection of authentic antique engagement rings and wedding bands from the Victorian age all the way through the Retro years. You can also find gently used estate rings here too. For a unique engagement ring, and truly 100% eco friendly wedding rings, the BE vintage, estate and antique ring collection might have just what you are looking for.

Wedding and Engagement Ring Prices

Prices for these designer wedding rings range from less than $500 dollars for plain bands to over $3,000 dollars for wedding and engagement ring sets.

Many of the beautiful ring collections though are priced in the $1,500 to $5,000 dollar range - but, couples with a limitless budget can choose large carat diamond wedding rings in the $10,000 and up price range. 

With each designer diamond wedding ring too, you can personally choose the diamond for the ring with the diamond grades and carat size of your choice.

The rings in the antique collection range from less than $1,000 dollars to over $10,000 dollars.


All BE rings are made with recycled metals – which once processed are no different than new metals – and couples on a budget may even donate unused gold jewelry pieces to the company for a discount on the purchase of their new rings.

The company has a strong conflict-free diamond policy as well and is a member of the No Dirty Gold initiative.

Return Policy

All rings are delivered in beautiful Rimu wood boxes, and most rings are sold with a 30-day return policy.

To view the wide selection of designer wedding and engagement rings, and to find out more about the company's eco friendly policies, visit the Brilliant Earth website.

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