Danburite Gems and Rings
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danburite gems and rings

Danburite is a little known gem that has been slowly emerging from the shadows in recent years. When cut to perfection, the white variety of this gem looks a lot like a diamond at first glance, although upon closer inspection it has its own unique visual qualities.

To find out more about this unique gemstone, and if this stone is right for your wedding or engagement ring, check-out the info below including gemstone properties, meaning, value, and shopping tips. And if you have any questions, comments or would like to share gemstone ring pics, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page!

Danburite Fast Fun Facts!

Birthstone month? None

Durability: Good

Meaning: Love and Healing

Flash Factor: Moderate

Special Care: Some

Price $$: Low to Moderate

Availability: Limited for custom cut stones

Gemstone Properties

Available in colors ranging from white, pale yellow, root beer, and light pink, it can be difficult to find professionally cut gemstones of this kind although they are slowly increasing in popularity. While the gemstone is not rare, finished pieces can sometimes be hard to find.

Durability = Excellent
Hardness = 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.63 – 1.64
Specific Gravity = 3.00

Perfect for long term every day wear gemstone wedding rings, this durable and strong gem with a Moh's Hardness rating of 7.0 requires very little special care. And an interesting and unusual property of this stone is its high degree of brilliance but lack of fire.

This gemstone is currently mined in Japan, Madagascar, Mexico, and the United States.

danburite gemstone

Gemstone Enhancements

Most danburite gemstones are not enhanced. Some brown varieties of the stone undergo irradiation to enhance their colors, but this process is rare. For the purposes of a quality ring, make sure the gemstone is 100% natural and has not been artificially enhanced in any manner.

Danburite Ring Special Care

Avoid heat steam cleaning these gems. To avoid small scratches by harder objects, store the ring in a protective pouch by itself so other metals or gemstones cannot scratch the stone. As with all other types of every day wear gemstone wedding rings and engagement rings, try to limit exposure to chlorine and chlorinated water, and remove the ring if the gem could be at risk for hard blows or knocks.

Gemstone Meaning

The white crystal variety of this gemstone is said to carry energies related to love and healing. It is believed to focus and open the mind and heart as well.

Gemstone Price Guide

Stones are priced on average around $20 per carat. However, larger carat pieces and stones with custom cuts are generally priced at a much higher value. The white variety is also usually more desirable and priced higher than the pale yellow, root beer, and light pink colors - as the white variety can make an excellent diamond simulant, especially with a custom cut that highlights the gem's light refractive qualities.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips

Due to the rarity of finished pieces and custom cut gemstones, it is best to purchase this gemstone from a dealer or gemologist who is experienced in selling and carrying these pieces.

For now, the best place to find authentic danburite rings is by jewelers who have shops on Etsy.

No synthetics of this gemstone currently exist, but the stone should be checked by a professional jeweler to ensure that it is an authentic gemstone. Ideally, double-check the authenticity of the gem through a gemologist certified by the American Gem Society.

Make sure your danburite ring comes with a return policy, just in case you are not happy with the qualities of the stone's cut or color.

If you would like a loose gemstone cut and set in a custom made ring, look for a jeweler who has experience working with this stone.

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