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For over 10 years, Everything Wedding Rings has provided a 'handy' resource for couples searching for the perfect rings. Here you will find in-depth articles about the metals and materials used to create rings, how to choose the right diamond (and diamond shape or cut for your ring), wedding and engagement ring styles, history of wedding rings, complete info on antique rings, the best gemstones for wedding rings, pros and cons, best settings and much more!

If you have any questions, Contact Everything Wedding Rings here, or visit the Wedding Rings Questions page. 

This site is also here to help couples find quality rings made by artists and jewelry boutiques who have the highest ethical and environmental standards in mind. Today, couples have a wider selection of choices for rings that are made with environmentally friendly materials, conflict-free diamonds and conflict-free gemstones.

Many businesses are stepping up to consumer demand for eco-friendly and ethical wedding and engagement rings, and more and more wedding ring retailers are using recycled metals or low impact metals and materials to create rings that couples will enjoy – 100% - without worrying about the origins of their jewelry.

Change has always been driven by consumer demand. As more couples choose ethical and eco-friendly wedding and engagement rings - more companies will change their tune. Together, we can have a huge impact on environmental preservation and on improving the lives of people living in mining communities who are affected by our choices.

About Publisher/Writer Suzanne Gardner

I have written and published all of the articles found here on Everything Wedding Rings, excluding any Q&As answered by our Guest Author Jewelry Experts. 

After working for over 10 years as a writer and researcher, I decided to create a website about a topic that I really loved.  I have always been fascinated with wedding and engagement rings; the historical traditions of wedding rings, different types of styles, and the ways in which artists apply their talents and expertise to the metals and materials used to create rings.

During some of the years I worked as a writer/researcher, I traveled around the world and lived in a few different countries, and on my travels I continued to return to my fascination with rings and jewelry – especially pieces from different cultures which I viewed in a variety of museums and jewelry stores. 

While living in Panama, I was fortunate enough to meet an amazing expert jeweler Marion Torgany who is highly experienced with metal work - including cloisonne - and she taught me a lot about the properties of different metals and how an artist can use these properties to bring a vision to reality.

When I moved back to the States, I decided to commit full-time to the creation of Everything Wedding Rings - using my skills as a writer and researcher to create comprehensive and detailed pages about wedding and engagement rings which cover info that is not found on other websites.

I wish all of my viewers the best with their wedding and engagement ring search, and congratulations on the upcoming wedding celebrations!

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