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Agate rings are crafted with the classical exquisite chalcedony stone that has been a favorite for hundreds of years with jewelry artisans.

Find out what you can expect from the main types of chalcedony gemstone rings here, including agate, chrysoprase, jasper, and carnelian, plus price guides, special care info and shopping tips.

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Chalcedony Properties

Durability = Very Good
Hardness = 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.544 - 1.533
Specific Gravity = 2.651

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Chalcedony Facts!

Classic birthstone months for chalcedony stones?
*Jasper: March
*Agate: May
*Carnelian: August

Durability: Good

Meaning: Protective healing

Flash Factor: Good

Special Care: Some

Price $$: Low to High

Availability: Good

Most chalcedony gemstones are quite durable, even though they can be carved and sculpted in a variety of designs. These stones are very affordable too - although antique rings made with these gemstones are often valued highly because of the intricate details they frequently showcase - and a perfect choice for men's gemstone rings, unique wedding rings and affordable durable gemstone engagement rings.

The Meaning of Chalcedony? Chalcedony is believed to be a gemstone with superior healing qualities as it absorbs and neutralizes negative physical and emotional energies.

Among the types of chalcedony stones...

  • Jasper is the classic birthstone for the month of March

  • Agate is the classic birthstone for the month of May

  • Carnelian is the classic birthstone for the month of August

Now on to the different types of chalcedony rings and price guides, shopping tips and special care for each gemstone!

Agate Rings

Agate is a form of multi-colored chalcedony, and agate gemstones are named after their color characteristics and designs. Rings made with agate each have their own very unique look.

Banded agates, especially the blue agates, are a particular favorite in the use of agate rings. This type of agate has a soft white color which is interrupted by pale to dark colored bands.

Lace agate has delicate lace-like color patterns and, when featured in agate rings, forms especially beautiful and feminine designs.

Moss agates have soft feathery moss-like patterns within the stone. Some of the more popular moss agate ring styles are created out of a soft white agate which has pale to dark green feathered patterns on the stone. This type of stone was also a favorite during Victorian times for brooches and rings.

moss agate

Black onyx agate is agate which has been artificially dyed to create a pure black onyx look. Black onyx agate rings are the most common form of onyx found in black onyx rings.

Agate Enhancements

Most forms of agate, with the exception of lace agate, are usually dyed to bring out colors, form new colors, or improve existing colors in the stone. This type of enhancement has an excellent stability rating, and the stones require no special care after they have received this treatment. Agate which has been dyed should be labeled as 'D' agate.

Special Care

Agate is an extremely durable stone, and agate rings require no special care. However, dyed gemstones should be cleaned with care (use caution with ultrasonic and steaming cleaners).

Agate Price Guide

In most cases, agate gemstones which feature striking and unique color patterns naturally without dye are usually priced higher than dyed enhanced agate.

Small to large sized agate gemstones are on the market for less than $20.00 dollars; finer specimens of agate which have been custom cut, feature beautiful colors, or which have not been enhanced are priced in the $100 - $200 dollar price range, and these higher quality gemstones are often used for the purposes of unique agate engagement or wedding rings.

The Jasper Mineral & Jasper Rings

Jasper rings are created from chalcedony which has a clear, solid, or varied color pattern. Like agate rings, there are many different types of jasper gemstones used in jewelry - and they are named after their colors and patterns including: bloodstone, lemon, leopardskin, and poppy. Regardless of the type of jasper mineral used to create the ring, the physical properties are quite similar.

Jasper Enhancements

Jasper is only occasionally dyed, (labeled with a D). This type of enhancement has an excellent stability rating, and the stone requires no special care after it has been treated.

Special Care

Jasper has a very high degree of durability, and jasper rings require no special care.

Jasper Price Guide

Exceptional custom cut forms of jasper are extremely affordable and priced in the $5.00 - $20.00 dollar price range.

Carnelian Stones and the Carnelian Ring

Carnelian is a form of chalcedony which is found in red colored tones ranging from dark red, red-black, red-brown, to red-orange. While this type of chalcedony stone is often used in rings, it is most well-known for its use in detailed carved carnelian cameos.

Carnelian Enhancements

Most forms of carnelian have been heat treated (labeled E or H) to produce deeper and more consistent red colors; heat treatment in carnelian has an excellent stability rating and does not require any special care. Some carnelians are dyed (labeled D), but this type of treatment only has a good to fair stability rating as the stone's dyed color may fade when exposed to light or heat. For the purposes of wedding rings and engagement rings - or rings that will be worn frequently - dyed carnelian rings should be avoided.

Special Care

Carnelian is one of the softer varieties of chalcedony, and as a result it has often been used to create cameo-like gemstone images. Chalcedony rings should be made with a quality protective setting for the gemstone - exposure to hard knocks and harsh chemicals should be avoided as well.

Carnelian Price Guide

Quality carnelian gemstones may be found for less than $5.00 dollars even for unenhanced stones of exceptional color and cut.

Chrysoprase Stone

Chrysoprase is a beautiful apple green variety of chalcedony, that has a luminous inner glow.

Chrysoprase Enhancements

Chrysoprase does not currently receive any form of enhancements.

Price Guide

Very fine quality, almost jade-like, chrysoprase is priced on average between $20.00 - $30.00 dollars per carat. Other less expensive forms of chrysoprase can be found for less than $20.00 dollars, but the green colors in these more affordable stones are usually not of a high quality.

Special Care

Chrysoprase is extremely durable and requires no special care.

Chrysocolla Chalcedony

Chrysocolla chalcedony, also known as 'Gem Silica' is a beautiful almost turquoise colored variety of chalcedony. This type of chalcedony stone is perfect if you love the color of turquoise, but you need a gemstone that will stand up to daily wear (turquoise is not durable enough for daily wear rings).

Chrysocolla Enhancements

Chrysocolla is not currently enhanced.

Chrysocolla Price Guide

Chrysocolla is one of the rarer forms of chalcedony and fine gemstones of this type are usually priced between $50.00 - $100.00 dollars.

Special Care

Chrysocolla is very durable and requires no special care.

And last but not least!

Picture Stones

Picture stones, also known as picture agate, picture jasper, and picture chalcedony, are gemstones which have patterns and colors that imitate scenes from nature. Some picture stones contain images which resemble trees in the wilderness, snow covered mountains with blue skis, or desert scenes.

Due to their rarity picture stones are often priced upwards of $200 dollars or more, but for the natural beauty which is captured in the stones the price of this type of chalcedony ring is definitely worth it.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips for Agate Rings and Chalcedony Stones

If you are looking for a chalcedony ring, there is a huge variety of rings with this gemstone on today's market. But, if you would like a beautiful and unique gemstone engagement ring or wedding ring, it is important to find a quality made ring which features a durable and protective set gemstone.

Unfortunately due to the extremely low prices of chalcedony, shoppers will frequently come across rings which have beautiful affordable gemstones but the overall quality of the rings are poor - in time, while the gemstones may last forever, the settings may break and the metal bands can become warped.

To help you find a quality chalcedony stone ring, look for rings which feature gemstones with custom cuts, quality settings, and which are created with high quality metals such as platinum, gold, palladium and sterling silver. You can expect to pay more for these features, but your ring and gemstone will stand up to the test of time and may be passed down to future generations.

Stick with reputable retailers - ask the seller about any enhancements the gemstone has received, make sure you get a refund policy with your purchase, and have an independent local gemologist evaluate the ring for quality and authenticity, especially if the ring came with a high price tag.

Through these tips - you will be sure to find a beautiful, durable, and long lasting chalcedony ring.

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