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Morganite rings hold a gemstone known as the "pink emerald." With a high degree of brilliance, excellent durability, and enchanting shades of rose pink, a morganite gemstone is perfect if you are looking for a gorgeous, affordable, and strong gemstone which can stand up to the daily wear of a wedding or engagement ring.

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Morganite Fast
Fun Facts!

Birthstone month? None, but strongly associated with Scorpio

Durability: Excellent

Meaning: Pure love and balance

Flash Factor: Good

Special Care: Minimal

Price $$: Moderate

Availability: Good

Morganite Properties

Morganite is a member of the beryl mineral family, along with aquamarine and emerald. The more desirable forms of morganite beryl come in light pink to rose pink colors, though the gemstone is also naturally found in orange, yellow, and soft violet colors too. In many cases, pink or rose colored morganite displays hints of yellow, violet, or orange in the stone.

Durability = Excellent
Hardness = 7.5 - 8.0
Refractive Index = 1.560 - 1.600
Specific Gravity = 2.67 - 2.90

Today, morganite beryl is mined in Brazil, California U.S., Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

Meaning of Morganite

Morganite is believed to be a powerful stone which facilitates the flow of energy throughout the body due to its ability to bring pure love to the wearer. This gemstone is also believed to balance emotions and bring harmonizing fulfillment as it releases any blocks to the channels of energy and love.

Morganite Enhancements

Morganite is commonly heat treated (labeled E or H) to remove yellow and orange hues and to obtain a purely pink stone. This type of enhancement has an excellent stability rating, and the stone requires no special treatment once it has been enhanced.

Special Care of Morganite

Due to its high hardness and durability rating, morganite requires minimal special care. Occasionally after long term wear, the stone will need to be polished and buffed to restore the initial luster and to remove any small scratches which accumulated on the stone over time.

Morganite Price Guide

Shoppers on a budget will appreciate the affordability of a morganite ring. On average, a desirable colored morganite gemstone with a custom cut, and well over one carat in size, will be priced around $300.00. For a quality, custom cut, gemstone - morganite is priced extremely low.

Even better, the cost of morganite does not substantially increase with a rise in carat weight as this gemstone is often found in large carat sizes (in some cases, smaller morganite gemstones that have a custom cut and more desirable color are worth much more than larger carat sized gemstones with just good cuts).

Color and cut are the two most important characteristics of a morganite gemstone value, followed by clarity and lastly carat size. The most highly valued colored morganite is a pure medium pink tone; if the pink color is too light the stone often looks washed out unless it is very large, and if the pink is too dark the stone looks too saturated with color. However, the color of morganite beryl you choose for your ring should be suited to your personal taste.

A morganite with a custom cut that maximizes the pink hue of the stone, plus its brilliance and fire, will dramatically improve the value of the stone. Pale morganite gemstones with poor cuts are available for much less than $300.00 per carat and will not increase in value with time due to the low quality of the gemstones. Pale morganite gemstones with a good cut are also available for less than $300 per carat, and shoppers on a budget may prefer the less expensive lighter gemstones over the higher priced medium-pink morganite gemstones.

wedding ring shopping tips

Morganite Shopping Tips

While morganite is an affordable and durable gemstone, shoppers still need to be savvy when they are looking for morganite rings.

Synthetic morganite is being produced through natural and synthetic crystal growth processes, and some dishonest sellers may even try to sell colored cut glass as morganite.

To be a safe shopper, always deal with a seller who has a verifiable reputation or is associated with a reputable company. Make sure you have at least a 30-day refund policy with the purchase of your ring too - or an exchange policy if the ring is handmade - and have the ring appraised by an independent jeweler to confirm that it is an authentic morganite ring.

Even though morganite is priced for almost any budget, shoppers should still beware of too good to be true prices. Always comparison shop, and keep the average cost per carat of a custom cut morganite beryl gemstone in mind as you search for morganite rings that will be treasured for many years to come.

Some of the most popular styles of morganite jewelry and morganite rings combine morganite with rose gold. And while rose gold is highly complimentary to the light blush pink of morganite, this gemstone also looks lovely set with yellow gold, silver, palladium and platinum!

White gold rings are not recommended for morganite engagement or wedding rings as the rhodium plate will eventually wear off and the rhodium plating process can be hard on morganite. Likewise, any plated ring (like rose gold plated over silver) is not recommended as the plate will eventually flake off and wear away.

Morganite looks beautiful in a variety of cuts, but cuts that will maximize this gemstone's brilliance and fire include the round cut, the pear cut, the princess cut and the oval cut.

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