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Hiddenite gems, also known as the “Carolina Emerald” are very rare, and most people outside of gemstone circles have never even heard of this green colored translucent gem.

First discovered in the late 19th century in North Carolina, geologist William Earl Hidden sent samples of the stone for identification and, after it was determined that the stone was a variety of a mineral named Spodumene, it was named hiddenite after William Earl Hidden.

The discovery of this unique gem, and its new found popularity, led North Carolina to name the community around the mine ‘Hiddenite.’

Hiddenite Fast Fun Facts!

Birthstone Month? None, but associated with Spring

Durability: Good

Meaning: Looking Inward

Flash Factor: Good

Special Care: Some

Price $$: Moderate

Availability: Rare

Today, Hiddenite North Carolina is one of the only places where true hiddenite is mined; hiddenite deposits have also been discovered in Brazil and California (U.S.).

To find out more about this intriguing gemstone, take a look at the info below including properties of hiddenite, special meaning, price guides, special care and more. And if you have any questions about hiddenite, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page!

Properties of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is a gemstone which has a strong pleochroic characteristic, meaning that the gemstone will display varied light and color intensities when viewed from different angles.

Durability = Good
Hardness = 6.5 – 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.67
Specific Gravity = 3.1

Hiddenite Enhancements

Rarely some forms of hiddenite are irradiated to improve color, although this treatment will decrease the value of the gem.

Special Care for Hiddenite Rings

Hiddenite can chip or crack under pressure. Those who wear a hiddenite ring should try to avoid any hard knocks or hits to their gemstone.

Price Guide

The average cost of hiddenite gems is $100.00 per carat, but the value of the stone can vary widely according to the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone.

The most highly desirable colors are deep greens, and the lighter green-yellow varieties are valued less than the darker green varieties. A custom cut and excellent degree of clarity will also increase the value of the stone, as will the carat size.

Hiddenite is one of the most challenging gemstones to cut due to a property known as cleavage; this stone has perfect cleavage, and like a diamond if it is hit at the wrong angle it will shatter or break. Because of this characteristic, and the rarity of the gem, a finely cut hiddenite gemstone that is 1 or more carats and set in a quality ring can reach on average around $1,000 or more dollars.

Meaning of Hiddenite

Hiddenite is a gemstone for those who want to look inward. The gemstone is believed to help release negative emotions, encourage charitable actions, and to bring about clarity by facilitating deep introspection.

Alternative to Hiddenite

It can be challenging to find a quality cut hiddenite gem which has already been set in a ring. If you love the color and durability of hiddenite, but you are having difficulties finding a ring or a cut gem that can be crafted into a ring, consider green amethyst as an alternative. Green amethyst has a similar color as hiddenite, is slightly more durable and has a lower price particularly in larger carat sizes.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips for Hiddenite Rings and Stones

There is still some controversy surrounding exactly what classifies a gemstone as a hiddenite, and some gemstone sellers have begun labeling any type of transparent green gemstone as hiddenite.

True hiddenite is certainly a variety of the spodumene mineral, and any other gemstones labeled as hiddenite that are not spodumene varieties are mislabeled.

Some gemologists believe that true hiddenite is only the green colored variety of spodumene, while others believe that the only true hiddenite is those gemstones that are found in Hiddenite, North Carolina.

For now, shoppers would do well to purchase gemstones labeled as hiddenite only if they are green in color (some more affordable varieties are a green-yellow in color), and only if they are from Brazil or the U.S.(California and North Carolina).

For now, hiddenite is still a rare gem to be found already cut and set in a ring. It is possible to find loose hiddenite and to find a jeweler who can cut and set the gemstone, but any jeweler who cuts the ring should have experience with this gem.

Two resources for loose hiddenite gemstones and hiddenite rings includes Etsy and eBay, although shoppers need to use caution to ensure that they are purchasing true hiddenite.

Keep in mind that true dark green hiddenite that has a good carat size, and quality cut, is very rare - and larger carat hiddenite stones in custom cuts are quite rare too. if someone is trying to sell you hiddenite gemstones which match these descriptions cheap prices, chances are you are not buying real hiddenite and instead may be buying cut class or green cubic zirconia.

Last but not least, never purchase a hiddenite ring or gem without a refund policy and a reliable contact number/address of the seller. Have your gem inspected by an independent certified gemologist/jeweler to confirm its authenticity as well.

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