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Searching for unique wedding bands? Below you will find different types of one-of-a-kind engagement and wedding rings, where to look for these rings, and info about each of the different styles, designs, materials, and metals which are available to finally find the unique wedding rings you've been looking for.

And if you have any questions about unusual wedding bands, or would like to send in comments, reviews or pics of your favorite engagement or wedding ring - just use the handy comment section at the end of the page!

antique wedding rings

Antique Wedding Rings 

Antique and vintage wedding rings are definitely one-of-a-kind rings. If you are looking for an eye-catching ring that cannot be duplicated, take a look at the variety of unique antique ring styles and designs which are difficult to imitate even today. Here are some helpful tips on where you can find these rings, how to recognize an authentic antique ring, and how to be sure you are getting a good deal.

black diamond engagement ring

Black Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

For unique men's wedding bands, or contemporary engagement rings with a different take on traditional white diamonds, majestic and mysterious black diamonds are a perfect alternative. Find out more about black diamonds and black diamond rings here including price guidelines, types of black diamonds and more.

blue diamond ring

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

For a singular engagement ring style, colored diamonds in hues of pink, yellow and blue are radiant and unusual. To find which color would be perfect for your brilliant colored engagement ring, take a look at this page - here you'll also find affordable alternatives to real color diamonds which are quite rare and valued much higher than white diamonds.

gemstone engagement rings

Gemstone Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Speaking of color, exquisite colorful gemstone wedding bands are a splendid option for unusual wedding rings and non-diamond engagement rings. If you are searching for a birthstone engagement ring or a wedding band with your favorite gemstone, check-out this page to find gemstones that are strong enough to hold up to daily wear plus properties, care and price guides for gemstones too.

tension set wedding rings

Tension Set Wedding Rings

The tension set is a unique engagement ring setting style featuring diamonds or gemstones which seem to float, suspended, in the air - and this setting is perfect for men's unique wedding bands too. Find here the gemstones and metals used to create tension rings that will last a lifetime and which materials to avoid.

hammered wedding bands

Hammered Wedding Bands

Hammered rings have a subtle design element that adds a dash of originality, and they are a great option for unique men's wedding bands - plus, for couples looking for unique handmade engagement rings and wedding bands, hammered styles in particular are a favorite with talented wedding ring artisans and are available in a wide range of metal options. 

spinning wedding band

Spinning Wedding Bands

Spinning wedding rings offer a new 'spin' on traditional wedding bands and these one, two, and three multidimensional bands can be custom created - plus they are fun to play with too! Find out here if a spin ring is the perfect style for your unique wedding ring.

rose gold engagement rings

Rose Gold Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Rose gold rings have been around since Victorian times, but rose gold wedding bands have always been an usual wedding ring style because white and yellow gold ring designs are so prevalent. See the different types of rose gold here to find your perfect unique rose ring!

curved wedding bands

Curved Wedding Bands

With swirls, loops, and intricate metal works, curved wedding bands and engagement rings can be custom created for a unique look. If you are looking for something other than a plain band, a curvaceous wedding band might offer the right fit.

Turkish puzzle rings

Turkish Puzzle Rings

Puzzle rings are a historical mystery, but these eye catching unique wedding bands have been emerging from the shadows in recent years. Even better, they can be customized to order, and the 6 band puzzle ring and 8 band puzzle ring have an especially one-of-a-kind look and style.

personalized wedding bands

Personalized Wedding Bands

Personalized engagement rings and wedding bands may be the answer for couples looking for unique wedding bands or matching unique wedding ring sets which are a representation of their everlasting love. Here are some ways in which you can personalize and customize your wedding bands including simple and affordable personalization suggestions.

design your own wedding ring

Design Your Own Wedding Ring

The number one way to have truly unique wedding rings? Design your own! Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a ring you and your partner helped to design, and here you will find helpful tips for working with ring designers to create rings that will last a lifetime.

knife edge wedding band

Knife Edge Wedding Bands

Knife edge engagement rings and wedding bands have a unique, streamlined and very contemporary look. If you are searching for modern unique wedding bands, knife edge rings definitely stand out without compromising on comfort.

wedding ring tattoos

Wedding Ring Tattoos

Tattoo wedding rings are not for everyone but then again, that's what makes them so unique. For these very unusual wedding bands, find out here what patterns work best on finger tattoos plus tips about how to locate the best tattoo artist for the job. Or, for more info, go straight to my Handy Tattoo Wedding Ring Guide e-book which includes a revealing and insightful interview on tattoo wedding rings with the "Godmother of Tattoo" Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand. Just click on the book image!

Last but not least! Unique Diamond Shapes can be the answer to unusual wedding rings and engagement rings with the traditional center diamond. Instead of choosing the ever popular brilliant round, or the famous princess diamond, cut take a look at some of the more unusual diamond shapes below.

That wraps up EWR's list of unique wedding bands and engagement rings - if you have any suggestions for unusual wedding rings, or questions, comments, reviews etc., just use the comment form below!

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