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Edward Mirell Titanium Jewelry is a rare find in the world of titanium wedding bands. As one of the few designer companies which has focused exclusively on titanium jewelry and designer titanium rings, EM creates outstanding made in the USA rings in a wide range of prices including black titanium wedding rings that are made to last a lifetime.

To find out more about this stellar ring designer company, take a look below to see the history, popular designs and styles, price ranges, ethics and policies of Edward Mirell.

Company History

Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida this young company has combined the expertise of Edward Rosenberg and Mirella Connor to design some of the finest selections of titanium wedding rings and titanium jewelry.

Both of these talented individuals have an extensive background in contemporary metals and jewelry design and together they have worked to create one of the most extensive lines of designer titanium jewelry.

Designs & Styles

The large selection of fine men’s and women’s titanium rings available through Edward Mirell includes men's titanium wedding rings, black titanium wedding rings and a bridal collection featuring gemstone and diamond titanium tension ring designs plus contemporary trendy titanium engagement rings.

EM also specializes in two tone titanium rings made with inlay designs only - no plate what-so-ever is ever utilized in EM jewelry pieces. (And that is just one of the reasons why EWR highly recommends this company for two-tone titanium rings and black titanium rings!).

Beautiful unique jewelry collections which feature men's titanium wedding rings include EM Sport, The Mediterranean, Texture, Trio, Triple Dome, Wellington, Pulse, Rage, Rapture, Royale, EM Active and EM Lattice.

And for colored titanium rings that will retain their colors for a lifetime, EM has created the Radiance line of women's and men's titanium wedding rings crafted with a rainbow of colors.

Black titanium rings

Edward Mirell Titanium Jewelry Ring Prices

Although Edward Mirell rings are the finest in titanium designs, they are priced for any budget. Black titanium designer rings start at just under $200, Timoku rings average between $400 to $500 dollars, titanium bands are priced around $70, two tone silver bands are around $150, and two tone gold bands are priced around $250 to $350.

Diamond titanium bands range between $370 to over $1,000, tension set titanium bands are priced between $350 and $800 dollars and rings from the many collection series range on average from $150 to under $1,000.


EM jewelry designs are all made in the USA and this designer company has a strict conflict-free diamond policy. All jewelry pieces are made with responsible metals – additionally, titanium mining has a smaller environmental impact than gold, silver, platinum or palladium mining.

Because titanium rings cannot be resized, EM also offers a Ring for Life program that customers can join just in case their ring size ever changes in the future.

Edward Mirell Titanium Jewelry Return Policies

At this time, EM is only sold through authorized web and retail store locations - so the return policy will depend on the store you shop at.

To find a store near you which carries EM jewelry, contact the production company by calling 1-800-422-0020.

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