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yellow diamond engagement rings

Sunny yellow diamond engagement rings are a radiant and eye-catching alternative to traditional white diamond wedding rings. To find the perfect yellow diamond wedding ring, use the helpful info below including clarity, color and grading certification for fancy color diamonds, affordable alternatives to real yellow diamonds and where to find loose color diamonds in a wide range of sizes.

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Fun Fast Facts About
Yellow Diamonds!

One of the largest yellow diamonds ever discovered is the 287.42 carat Tiffany Yellow Diamond.

Yellow diamonds are the most popular fancy color diamonds for engagement rings - closely followed by pink diamonds.

What element contributes to the yellow color in diamonds? Nitrogen.

Properties of Natural Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds are created in nature when nitrogen impurities are present during the formation of diamonds. And while the majority of diamonds in nature have some type of brown or yellow color tint, only specific types of rare diamonds qualify as fancy yellow diamonds.

These rare diamonds - which account for only 0.1% of all natural diamonds found so far - have nitrogen impurities scattered throughout their crystal structure and due to these impurities the diamonds develop a range of faint to intense dark yellow hues.

  • Even though fancy yellow diamonds are quite rare, they are still more common than the even rarer pink, red, green and blue color diamonds.

Natural yellow diamonds have similar physical properties as colorless (white) diamonds. These properties include a Moh's hardness rating of 10.0 plus high light refractive characteristics too which impart a stunning brilliance and fire to the diamonds.

Grading Loose Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamond engagement rings should come with a certification on the diamonds used to craft the rings: remember, a certification is your only assurance that the yellow diamonds in the rings are authentic. A certification will also state the grade of the diamonds in terms of clarity and cut- so you can be sure with a certificate that you are purchasing a good diamond.

Yellow diamonds are graded in terms of clarity and cut like regular diamonds. For quality diamonds, it is best to stick with these grades:

  • Excellent to Good cut grades
  • Eye clean clarity grades of S12 and above

Two highly reputable diamond certification laboratories which offer a separate color grade certificate on fancy color diamonds - along with a regular certification report on the other 4C's of the diamond - include the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

The separate color certification grades the diamond’s color based on characteristics including the hue, tone and saturation. This certificate will also include an examination which will assess whether the color is natural or if the color has been artificially enhanced.

When purchasing a fancy yellow diamond engagement ring - or loose yellow diamonds - a ring/diamond that comes with an IGI or GIA certificate is really the best choice.

Yellow Diamond Prices and Values

Like colorless diamonds, yellow diamonds are valued by their cut, clarity, carat size and quality of color.

Yellow diamonds are classified, from lightest to darkest as:

  • light fancy yellow
  • fancy yellow
  • fancy intense yellow
  • fancy vivid yellow (also known as canary yellow)

In most cases, lighter pale yellow diamonds are priced the lowest, and the value of a yellow diamond increases as the color intensifies.

Canary yellow diamonds are valued the highest out of all yellow diamond colors because of their rarity and exceptional deep vivid color.

Ideal yellow diamonds have a consistent color throughout the entire diamond with secondary flashes of white. Yellow diamonds with secondary flashes with any other type of color tone, particularly brown, are valued lower.

Even though color can have a big impact on a yellow diamond's value, the other 4C's will affect the diamond's price too.

Average prices for a 1-carat loose yellow diamond with quality color, cut and clarity grades are around:

  • $5,000 for a light yellow diamond
  • $10,000 for an intense yellow diamond
  • $20,000 plus for a vivid (canary) yellow diamond

Prices will increase dramatically once the size of the diamonds reach over 1-carat. For example, an average price for a 2-carat canary yellow diamond is around $50,000.

Because yellow diamonds are rare, and are increasing in popularity, the value of yellow diamond engagement rings are expected to continue to rise with time - and an engagement ring crafted with a yellow diamond will be sure to become a treasured family heirloom.

Alternatives to Natural Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

What to do if you've fallen in love with the look of natural yellow diamond rings - but not the price tag? No problem! There are some very affordable yellow diamond alternatives that can give you the same look for the right price.

1. Man Made Yellow Diamonds

Synthetic yellow diamonds have the exact same physical and chemical properties of real diamonds – the only difference is that they are created in a laboratory instead of nature! Synthetic yellow diamonds too are priced lower than real yellow diamonds, especially for the yellow canary diamond colors - and like real diamonds they are also available with a GIA or IGI certificate on cut, clarity and color.

Average prices for loose 1-carat synthetic yellow diamonds are usually around $3,500 - $4,000, but this price will depend on the color (higher as the yellow intensifies) and the cut.

2. Enhanced Yellow Diamonds

Enhanced yellow diamonds are real (usually colorless) diamonds which have received a treatment (usually heat or irradiation) to permanently change the color of the diamond to yellow.

Enhanced yellow diamonds are much more affordable than real yellow diamonds, often because the diamonds which are being enhanced have undesirable tints of color which do not show well on colorless diamonds.

If you are interested in an enhanced yellow diamond engagement ring make sure the enhancement was achieved through a laboratory process and not through a temporary coating on the diamond. And as with real yellow diamonds and synthetic yellow diamonds, enhanced diamonds should come with a diamond certification too.

3. Yellow Sapphires

Yellow sapphires are extremely durable, and they have flash and fire qualities that rival most gemstones - the color of yellow sapphires too is usually on par with the highly desirable canary yellow diamonds.

While a yellow sapphire engagement ring will not have the exact same look of a yellow diamond engagement ring, the rich buttery lemon color of a sapphire is highly prized for yellow gemstone engagement rings.

Average prices for a 1-carat quality yellow sapphire are around $1,500 – and it is possible to find a yellow sapphire engagement ring and matching band for under $5,000.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips and Recommendations for Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

If you are searching for a yellow diamond wedding ring or engagement ring, it is important to use caution. Unfortunately, as yellow diamonds have increased in popularity, diamond grading laboratories have also seen an increase in fakes or poor quality diamonds which have been artificially colored.

To make sure that you are buying a ring made with a true natural yellow diamond, stick with retailers who specialize in yellow diamond rings, or loose yellow diamonds, with GIA or IGI certificates. This is the only way to ensure that you are really buying a natural yellow diamond ring – and the only way to confirm the quality or grade of the diamond’s color.

EWR's top recommendations for loose yellow diamonds, and yellow diamond engagement rings, include:

Blue Nile

Blue Nile carries an impressive selection of natural GIA certified loose yellow diamonds and yellow diamond engagement rings in a variety of carat sizes and colors including canary yellow diamonds which are guaranteed to be conflict free.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth carries a selection of IGI certified fancy yellow lab created diamonds too - which are synthetic diamonds with the same exact physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. BE can also locate additional fancy diamonds by request for custom made diamond rings.

You can also find a captivating selection of genuine yellow sapphire engagement rings at Brilliant Earth too!

A few other shopping tips for yellow diamond wedding rings to keep in mind too include:

If you are searching for maximum brilliance and fire, the brilliant round diamond cut will give you the most flash followed by the princess cut. The cushion cut though is an extremely popular cut for yellow diamonds because of its enchanting vintage style look although this cut does sacrifice some brilliance and fire.

Antique and vintage yellow diamond rings may not come with a GIA or IGI certificate because diamonds that are already set cannot be certified - they must be loose. In this case though, the rings should still come with an appraisal and certificate of authentication issued by a reputable third party - for example, the American Gem Society.

For an extra durable long lasting yellow diamond wedding ring - platinum will wear best over time, followed by 18k gold and palladium. If you decide to go with white gold, remember that the ring will need to be rhodium plated every one to two years to maintain its gleaming white shine.

Last but not least, the old saying of "If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is" definitely applies here! Shop wisely and stick with certified fancy yellow diamonds with GIA or IGI certificates.

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