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Colorful gemstone engagement rings are very a la mode - and many couples looking for unique wedding rings, and diamond alternatives, are turning to gorgeous gemstone wedding rings. If you are searching for a colorful engagement ring or wedding band, check out the info below.

Here you will find the most durable gems which are perfect for long lasting rings and daily wear - plus tips that will help you to find the right ring for the right price.

Fun Fast Facts About Gemstones and Engagement Rings

Most popular gemstone for engagement rings? Sapphire

Synthetic gemstones have the exact same properties as real gemstones.

Simulant gemstones look like real gemstones but have different physical properties.

Most copied gemstone engagement ring style? Princess Diana's blue sapphire ring.

Click on the links below to find out more about each gem including physical properties, gemstone meaning, enhancements, special care, price guides and shopping tips. Each of the gemstones listed are appropriate for long term wear although some have stronger durability ratings than others. The gems are listed by popularity - with the gems at the top being the most popular for gemstone wedding rings.

And if you have any questions about gemstone rings, just use the comment box at the end of the page to send us your questions! Or take a look at our tips that will help you to find authentic quality gemstones for your rings.

wedding ring shopping tips

Gemstone Engagement Ring & Wedding Band Shopping Tips

While plenty of beautiful and authentic gemstones are available, shoppers for gemstone engagement rings and wedding bands need to beware of mislabeled gemstones, poor gemstone specimens with bad cut and clarity ratings and overpriced rings. To shop for your gemstones wisely, follow these tips below:

*Stay with reputable, established gemstone jewelers online or offline for your ring. This is the number one step you can take to protect yourself when shopping for gemstone rings.

*Stick with gemstone rings that come with a no-nonsense refund. If you are unsure whether you have paid the right price for your ring, or even if your gemstone is real, you will have time to take your ring to a local jeweler for an independent appraisal. (This is especially true if you have found a beautiful ring that you can't resist that does not follow the first tip above!).

*To be sure rings last a lifetime - couples looking for outstanding gemstone engagement rings and gemstone wedding rings should choose rings that are made with durable and quality metals including 14k and 18k yellow or rose gold, palladium and platinum.

*White gold with rhodium plate should be avoided for gemstone rings because the rhodium plate process can damage many types of gemstones. If you decide to go with a white gold ring, make sure the gemstone can withstand repeated rhodium plate applications.

*Always check online for reviews, ratings and resources about any company or private seller who markets rings and gemstones that you are interested in which are not for sale by an established well-known gemstone jewelry company.

*Double check to see where your gemstones are coming from to avoid purchasing non-ethical gemstones which may have been obtained in ways which harmed local communities and the environment.

*If you have a limited budget for your rings, consider purchasing synthetic lab created gemstones which have the same exact physical and chemical properties as real gemstones.

*Always comparison shop online to be sure you aren't overpaying for a gemstone ring - while differences in prices for gemstones will vary widely according to carat, cut, color and clarity, you can still obtain a ball park figure for the average price of a ring.

*Try to avoid retailers which market "precious" and "semi-precious" gemstones. These terms are considered outdated and most experienced gemstone retailers do not use these labels.

Understanding the Moh's Hardness Scale and Gemstone Durability: check out this article to learn about the differences between these two physical properties and to avoid purchasing gemstone engagement rings or gemstone wedding rings which cannot stand up to the test of time.

Gemstone Appraisal: the science of gemstone appraisal is still evolving, but knowing how a gemstone is valued and where to find reliable certification and appraisal resources can help you to find authentic and natural gemstones for the right price.

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