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Tanzanite engagement rings hold a gemstone that is valued for its rarity, breathtaking color and intense depth.

While tanzanite is much rarer than a diamond, tanzanite is also quite affordable – although it is steadily increasing in value.

To find out if this beautiful twilight colored gem may be the perfect choice for your ring, check out the info below to see more about this gemstone's properties, special care, tanzanite prices and values, meaning plus tanzanite wedding ring shopping tips. And if you have any questions about tanzanite engagement rings, just use the handy comment box at the end of the page!

Tanzanite Properties

Durability = Good
Hardness = 6.5 – 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.69 – 1.70
Specific Gravity = 3.10 – 3.38

With a Mohs hardness rating of 6.5 to 7.0, tanzanite is an appropriate gem for engagement and wedding rings, but it does require special care (see special care below). Tanzanite is slightly lighter in weight than a diamond and has a refractive index (light reflective quality) similar to a sapphire.

Tanzanite has only been found in Tanzania, at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and is one of the most recently discovered gemstones (1969).

This gemstone also exhibits a very rare color characteristic known as trichroism - which means under different types of light it will display a captivating array of alternating flashes of color. Blue/purple tanzanite flashes dark blue, violet and sometimes red or deep bourbon colors.

Meaning of Tanzanite

This unique gemstone is believed to imbue wearers with gifts of eternal truth, honesty and knowledge of higher spiritual love and light. As the last gemstone added to the official list of birthstones, tanzanite is now the modern birthstone for the month of December.

Tanzanite Gemstone Enhancements

Almost all tanzanite sold is heat treated to bring out the exceptional blue and purple twilight gemstone colors. Because of its lower hardness rating, tanzanite must be cut and polished before it can be heated. The heat treatments do not affect the quality or strength of the stone, nor the value, and heat treatment is the only acceptable enhancement for tanzanite gemstones at this time.

Tanzanite gemstones treated with an artificial coating have been discovered by gemological laboratories during their gemological assessments. The coating is not an acceptable form of treatment as it is used to temporary camouflage gemstones which have poor color characteristics – and shoppers need to beware of coated tanzanite gems.

Special Care for Tanzanite Engagement Rings

Tanzanite engagement rings should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner. Instead, it is best to clean the rings with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or to take the rings in for a professional clean and buff at a local jewelers.

Rings made with tanzanite should never be exposed to hard knocks or any kind of abrasive. To keep a tanzanite wedding ring from becoming scratched or damaged with time, remove the ring before any type of activities which could scratch the gemstone through chemicals or abrasions.

Tanzanite Prices and Value

Tanzanite prices and value are continually increasing - for now though, an average price for a one carat tanzanite gemstone is around $1,200 dollars. Smaller carat gemstones or tanzanite engagement rings made with multiple smaller tanzanite gems are available for less than $1,000 dollars.

All of the 4 C's - carat, clarity, cut and color - are important when determining tanzanite value.

Because tanzanite is usually found in smaller sizes, the value of a tanzanite gemstone increases substantially when the gemstone reaches over one carat in size - and continues to almost exponentially increase in value as the carat size goes over one carat.

As tanzanite gemstones are commonly found with excellent eye clean clarity qualities, any type of noticeable blemish or inclusion will drastically decrease the value of the gemstones.

A quality custom or fancy cut tanzanite - for example, a heart shaped tanzanite - is valued much higher than a standard machine cut gem too.

Tanzanite gemstones which exhibit deep blue and purple tones are more highly valued than stones which exhibit lighter washed-out colors or flashes of light brown or yellow. The ideal color of a tanzanite gemstone is a purple/blue twilight color - of medium intensity and saturation - that is consistent throughout the gem and which displays flashes of white-blue and darker purple.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips for Tanzanite Engagement Rings

The best metals to use for tanzanite engagement rings and wedding bands are platinum and palladium, yellow and rose gold. Platinum is one of the most durable wedding ring metals and platinum’s color is extremely complementary to tanzanite gemstones. Palladium is also quite durable, and its remarkable white-like sheen highlights the color, flash and brilliance of tanzanite.

  • If you are shopping on a budget, palladium rings are often priced much lower than platinum - and even gold - rings because it is such a light metal. At this time though, palladium is often only available through a special request.

Yellow gold is quite beautiful paired with tanzanite, and can be used to create a classic and vintage-style tanzanite wedding ring. (Plus, 18k yellow gold engagement rings and wedding bands hold up very well throughout the years with every day wear).

Because tanzanite should not be exposed to ultrasonic or steam cleaning, it is best to avoid white gold as the repeated rhodium plating process can affect the stone.

While silver looks beautiful next to tanzanite, it is not recommended for tanzanite rings because tanzanite needs a strong metal and a quality setting to protect it through years of daily wear.

Due to tanzanite’s lower hardness rating, engagement ring styles which include protective stone settings are best. Closed settings, like channel, bezel and pave settings will protect a tanzanite gem the most. Prong settings can be used as well, but no sharp edges of the gemstone should be exposed – for example, a four prong setting can be used on a square cut tanzanite as long as each prong completely hugs each corner (double-prong claw settings are especially good for this type of gemstone).

Tanzanite shapes and cuts which are best for every day wear wedding rings have rounded edges, like the oval, pear or heart shaped tanzanite gems. Cornered gem shapes and cuts – for example, princess or emerald cut tanzanite - will be fine for engagement and wedding rings too as long as the gemstone is set properly.

Sadly, fake tanzanite, made of colored glass or colored cubic zirconia, has been sold as real tanzanite. To be sure that you are buying authentic quality tanzanite engagement rings, keep the average price of a one carat tanzanite in mind (approximately $1,200 for the gem alone) – if you see a large tanzanite gemstone ring for sale, for less than $1,000 dollars, the ring is most likely made with a false tanzanite.

Also, false tanzanite will not exhibit the dramatic color change characteristics of real tanzanite. Instead of flashing different shades of purple and blue, fake gems will normally only show flashes of one color (usually dark blue) and white.

Last but not least, always shop at a reputable jewelry retail which offers a no-nonsense refund policy. If you have any doubts about the value of your ring and gemstone, send the ring to a gemological laboratory (such as the American Gemstone Laboratory) for a professional assessment - or have the ring looked over by a certified gemologist in your area.

For tanzanite engagement rings and wedding bands, Gemvara is our top recommendation where you can find a stunning selection of quality cut genuine tanzanite set in handmade rings - plus all rings here are made with the highest ethical and eco-friendly standards in mind. Here, rings can also be modified with different metals and shapes that suit your style.

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