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Tiffany engagement rings are created by one of the most well known designer wedding ring companies in the world - Tiffany & Co. Not only are Tiffany wedding rings made with superior craftsmanship, but this designer company also has a strong commitment to environmental ethics.

To find out if a Tiffany wedding ring is the perfect designer ring for you, check out the helpful info below including styles of Tiffany rings, available Tiffany diamonds, price ranges and much more. And if you have any questions about Tiffany engagement rings or wedding rings, just send in your questions through the comment box at the end of the page - you can also send in pics of your gorgeous Tiffany wedding ring or offer a review on a particular Tiffany wedding band style!

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About Tiffany & CO.

Tiffany & Co. was founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany. The New York City based company quickly grew to international recognition for cutting edge designs and workmanship on everything from jewelry to glass pieces. The Tiffany label is now synonymous with quality and luxury, and a Tiffany wedding band or engagement ring will definitely become a cherished family heirloom.

Tiffany Wedding Ring Designs and Styles

Tiffany offers an extensive collection of women’s engagement rings, wedding bands and designer men’s wedding bands. Most of the Tiffany engagement rings and wedding bands are created with platinum, but the company offers a selection of 18K yellow and 18K white gold rings and a limited selection of 18K rose gold rings.

Engagement ring styles by Tiffany include the Tiffany® Setting – a very simplistic but elegant diamond engagement ring which has been one of their best sellers for over 100 years - the Bezet collection which offers eye catching diamonds in gorgeous shapes and cuts including Tiffany diamonds in a princess cut, the pear shape and the elegant Tiffany Bezet Heart shaped diamond ring.

Women looking for a unique designer engagement ring may appreciate the stunning Round Brilliant Ribbon Tiffany wedding ring which features a sparkling diamond wrapped by smaller diamond encrusted bands or the Jean Schlumberger Engagement Ring which displays a show stopping array of diamond bands hugging a central diamond of superior quality.

The Tiffany wedding band selection also includes contemporary men’s and women’s wedding band styles and inspired styles from antique Tiffany jewelry designs of bygone days.

Tiffany wedding bands are available in clean streamlined metal designs, or couples may enjoy the Tiffany wedding ring designs that include outside engraving, diamonds or colorful pink sapphire or pink tourmaline gemstones.

Tiffany Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Prices

Tiffany wedding rings come in a range of prices – starting at around $1,000 for clean metal bands to $1,500 or more for bands which include diamonds and gemstones.

Engagement rings made with a 0.25 carat central Tiffany diamonds start at around $1,500 and increase in price according to the amount of diamonds included on the ring and the total carat weight (the 1.0 carat Tiffany® Setting starts at $9,500 and the Jean Schlumberger Engagement Ring starts at $24,000) of diamonds on the entire ring.

Some of the higher priced Tiffany engagement rings include those made with larger emerald and princess cut Tiffany diamonds. If you are searching for a luxury wedding ring, search for the platinum Tiffany rings made with center diamonds that are 1 carat or more.

If you are looking for an affordable Tiffany wedding ring, it may be best to stick with classic solitaire ring styles that feature the round brilliant diamond or a wedding band crafted without engraved features. You may also want to check out used Tiffany wedding rings - just make sure any used designer ring purchased comes with a certificate of authenticity plus a diamond certificate from a reputable laboratory such as the GIA or the AGS.

Tiffany & CO. Ethics

Tiffany & Co. is one of the few large designer jewelry retailers with an established reputation for environmental and fair trade ethics. Tiffany is a member of the No Dirty Gold initiative, and - unlike many of the other large jewelry companies that have joined the initiative but received a failing grade – Tiffany has received a Grade B on the initiative’s 'Tarnished Gold' report!

A few of the many eco-friendly and fair trade efforts established within Tiffany include:

Over 95% of catalog paper meets the standards issued by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Using gemstones and precious metals from responsible resources and committing to a strong policy against Blood Diamonds including refusing to use diamonds from the Marange diamond district of Zimbabwe and creating ‘Laurelton Diamonds’ to source all Tiffany diamonds and ensure all diamonds meet the high ethical standards set by the company.

Signing the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge which is a statement refusing to use gold from a proposed mine in Alaska - ‘Pebble Mine’ - that would have devastating consequences for one of the last pristine watersheds in Alaska.

To view the entire selection of designer Tiffany wedding rings, or to find your closest Tiffany jewelers in your location (at this time Tiffany does not offer online purchases) visit the Tiffany & Co. website. Your local retailer can inform you of in-store return policies for Tiffany engagement rings and wedding bands.

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