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Alexandrite rings hold a prized and rare gemstone that is a color change variety of chrysoberyl, and genuine alexandrite is one of the truest and finest examples of a color change gemstone. To find out more about this amazing gemstone, and where to find real alexandrite, read on!

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Alexandrite Fast Fun Facts!

June Birthstone

Durability: Excellent

Meaning: Luck and Fortune

Flash Factor: Moderate

Special Care: None

Price $$: Very High

Availability: Rare

About the Alexandrite Stone

"An emerald by day and a ruby by night." Is the famous saying for this very unique gemstone. Formed from natural processes which add the elements chromium and iron into chrysoberyl gemstones, real alexandrite is treasured not only for its rarity but for its unique and stunning color change characteristics.

Alexandrite sparkles in various shades of green during the daylight or under fluorescent light, and at night the gemstone transforms into shades of red or purple under incandescent light.

First discovered in the mid-1800's in Russia's Ural Mountains, for many years this area was considered the only source for true alexandrite gemstones, and today new Russian alexandrite gemstones are a very rare find.

Recently, high quality alexandrite has also been found in Brazil, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Zimbabwe (*Note: Until improvements in ethical mining standards in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe occur, consumers should not purchase alexandrite gemstones from these countries).

Alexandrite Properties

Alexandrite is an extremely durable gemstone with dazzling flash and fire characteristics, but it does have unique cleavage properties which make the stone very challenging to cut.

And while a true alexandrite ring may be high in price, this colorful stone contains all the qualities needed for the perfect gemstone wedding ring: beauty, durability, captivating color, and quality.

  • Durability = Excellent
  • Hardness = 8.5
  • Refractive Index = 1.746 - 1.755
  • Specific Gravity = 3.68 - 3.80

Enhancements: Genuine alexandrite is not enhanced in any way.

Special Care: Due to this gemstone's high hardness rating and excellent durability, alexandrite rings require no special care with one exception - because of the gemstone's cleavage properties you'll want to avoid extremely hard blows on the gemstone. 

Alexandrite Gemstone Price Guide

Low quality alexandrite may be found for as little as $500.00 a carat, but high quality alexandrite is on average around $5,000 - $10,000 per carat and may go up to as much as $15,000 per carat depending on the gemstone's clarity, cut, and, most importantly, color and color change characteristics.

  • Above all other factors, the color and color change properties of an alexandrite gemstone are the more important characteristics of this gemstone's value.

The more highly valued alexandrite gemstones are a true green color in the daylight (similar in color to an emerald) and change to a red to purplish red under incandescent light (similar to the color of a dark ruby).

Lower valued alexandrite is a lighter green or blue green, and changes to a paler red or light purple color.

The amount of color change that must occur in order for the gemstone to be classified as an alexandrite is 30%.

  • If less than 30% of the stone changes color, the gemstone is only a color change chrysoberyl - it is not alexandrite.

The highest valued alexandrite gemstones display a 100% color change. Lower valued alexandrite stones will have a lower percentage of color change in the stone when exposed to different lights.

After color and color change properties, alexandrite is valued heavily on carat size. Most alexandrite gemstones are under one carat, and alexandrite rings that contain a stone less than one carat may be found in the $2,000 - $5,000 dollar range for a stone with a quality color change, good clarity, and nice cut.

Genuine alexandrite engagement rings which hold an alexandrite gemstone weighing over one carat are usually priced in the hundreds of thousands of dollars price range.

After color, color change, and carat weight, clarity and cut characteristics are used to value the stone. An alexandrite gemstone with a high clarity rating (little to no blemishes or inclusions) is valued much higher than one with visible imperfections.

Because the stone is a challenge to cut too - a custom cut which maximizes the stone's brilliance and color change properties will also increase the value of the gemstone.

Meaning of Alexandrite

Due to its rarity, Alexandrite has always been associated with luck and fortune. It is also believed to be a gemstone that brings about love and pleasure to the wearer.

Alexandrite is the modern birthstone for the month of June.

Where to Find Alexandrite Engagement Rings and Alexandrite Stones

Gemvara Alexandrite Rings: At Gemvara, you can find a selection of rings made with smaller genuine alexandrite stones in a beautiful selection of styles including engagement rings and wedding bands.

Adin: Adin antique jewelers sometimes has a stunning selection of authentic vintage alexandrite rings - plus estate alexandrite rings made with lab created synthetic alexandrite - and they offer free sizing on all of their rings too! You can also receive a 5% discount on all Adin purchases with code=Everything Wedding Rings!

MiaDonna & Co: Carries a small selection of lab created alexandrite cut gems, some in heart shapes, which can be crafted into engagement rings or wedding bands.

Private Jewelers: Genuine alexandrite rings with larger size gemstones are exceedingly rare and most of these are only available through private jewelry collections and at times at jewelry auctions. Just make sure you buy from a reputable jeweler and that the alexandrite comes with a certificate of authenticity from a reliable and well-known gemstone authentication company.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips for Alexandrite Rings

Unfortunately, due to the rarity of this gemstone, and its high value, synthetic alexandrite is sometimes sold as genuine alexandrite - color change chrysoberyl which is not alexandrite is also, unfortunately, often marketed as alexandrite.

To avoid purchasing a stone that is not true alexandrite, keep in mind the cost of a genuine alexandrite ring and the colors and color change properties of this gemstone (shades of green/blue to shades of red/purple).

If anyone is trying to sell you an alexandrite ring that is green in color but changes to other shades of green, yellow, gray, brown, or any other color besides shades of red/purple - this is not alexandrite, it is only a color change chrysoberyl.

Remember that more than 30% of the gemstone needs to exhibit a color change or it is not true alexandrite.

If someone is trying to sell you a genuine alexandrite ring with a 0.30 carat or larger stone for less than $1,000 dollars, it is most likely a synthetic or color change chrysoberyl ring.

Always make sure that you buy your ring from a reputable seller with at least a 30-day return policy. This will give you time to have the gemstone examined by an independent gemologist (due to the value of this gemstone it pays to be sure you are buying a real alexandrite gemstone), or to return the ring if there is any problem with the ring's size or quality.

Lab created synthetic and simulant alexandrite gemstones have been around for decades - it is quite possible to find an estate ring made with one of these variations of alexandrite. This is why it is extremely important to be 100% sure that the ring you are interested is made with genuine alexandrite - if that is what you are looking for. Your only guarantee is a certificate of authentication and/or an appraisal by a reputable gemological laboratory - like the American Gem Society - or an appraisal issued by a certified gemologist.

Last but not least, keep in mind while you search for an alexandrite ring that this gemstone is one of the rarest - and most highly valued - of all gemstones in the world. Finding a real alexandrite for an affordable price, new or used, would be a bit like finding a Monet painting at a garage sale - not to say that it is impossible, but highly improbable. So, if the price looks too good to be true, it definitely is for this gemstone!

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