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Cartier rings have been a mainstay in luxury women's and men's wedding jewelry for over 150 years. With exceptional designs and workmanship, Cartier continues to lead the designer wedding ring market with fabulous breathtaking collections crafted with the famed Cartier diamonds.

To find out if Cartier is the perfect designer for your wedding rings, use the helpful info below including popular designs for Cartier engagement rings and wedding bands, price ranges and more. And if you have questions about Cartier rings, or would like to send in reviews, comments or share pics of your stunning Cartier wedding ring, use the handy comment box at the end of the page!

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The Cartier Brand

The Cartier company was founded in 1847 by Louis-Francois Cartier, and from the start the Cartier business established a reputation of quality and excellence. Today, Cartier is one of the most well known jewelry design companies, and Cartier engagement ring and Cartier wedding band collections have become some of the most recognized designer wedding bands in the world.

Popular Cartier Rings Designs and Styles

Cartier wedding rings are available in white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and platinum; tri-color bands made with white, yellow and pink gold are available too. Specific designer ring styles are available with Cartier diamonds, gemstones which include pink and blue sapphire, amethyst, citrine, smoky quartz and pearls.

The extensive Cartier wedding ring collection includes the famous Cartier Love Ring, the Maillon Panthere de Cartier, the Tank collection, the Laniers collection and a separate bridal collection which features the classic Cartier Solitaire produced since 1885. Collections include rings for men and women and matching engagement ring and wedding band sets. Unique rolling rings are available with the Cartier trinity ring collection too!

For couples who are searching for added customization on their rings, the Set for You Cartier service may also offer the perfect unique touch to wedding rings.

Average Prices of Cartier Wedding Rings

Prices for Cartier wedding bands and engagement rings range from less than $1,500 dollars for clean band styles to over $25,000 dollars for diamond engagement rings and wedding ring sets. The cost of the ring will depend on the type of metal used to create the ring and the size of the Cartier diamonds which are included in the design of the ring.

Cartier Ethics

In addition to standards of excellence in jewelry design, Cartier also has a very strong dedication to corporate responsibility:

Cartier has a strict Conflict Free diamond policy, and since October 2007 Cartier no longer purchases gemstones which have been mined in Burma (also known as Myanmar). Cartier is also a member of the No Dirty Gold initiative.

Where to Find a Cartier Wedding Band or Engagement Ring

Cartier ring sets, engagement rings, and wedding bands may be purchased through Cartier boutiques. The complete collection of Cartier wedding jewelry, and Cartier boutique locations near you, may be viewed at the Cartier website. And if you are searching for vintage Cartier rings, eBay is an excellent resource!

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