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The Andalusite Gemstone

andalusite rings

Andalusite rings feature an extremely unique looking gemstone which is named after the place in which it was first discovered: Andalusia, Spain.

Find out more about this amazing and somewhat rare gemstone below and why it may be perfect for one-of-a-kind wedding or engagement rings.

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Andalusite Fast Fun Facts!

Birthstone Month? None, but strongly associated with the Virgo sign.

Durability: Very good

Meaning: Protection

Flash Factor: Moderate

Special Care: None

Price $$: Affordable!

Availability: Low

Andalusite Properties

The andalusite gemstone showcases a beautiful play of light and colors in addition to high durability. This is a pleochroic gem, meaning that it displays a variety of color tones when viewed from different angles.

Most andalusite gemstones reflect colors of yellow, brown, gold, green, and red, some andalusite gems are clear, and rarer andalusite gemstones features violet colors.

Durability = Very Good
Hardness = 7.0 – 7.5
Refractive Index = 1.634 – 1.643
Specific Gravity = 3.17

Andalusite is currently mined in Brazil, Russia, Spain, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. (*Note: Until ethical mining standards in Sri Lanka have improved, consumers should avoid purchasing any gemstones sourced from Sri Lanka).


At this time, andalusite does not undergo any type of enhancement.

Special Care

As a durable gemstone, andalusite does not require any special care.

Andalusite Price Guide

Andalusite is on average $40 dollars per carat. However, andalusite gemstones that feature custom cuts, and a higher than average play of light and colors, are valued at higher prices.

*Unlike most gemstones that are cut to minimize color play, andalusite is cut to maximize the full pleochroic effect.

The rarer andalusite that features violet colors may be higher valued as well depending on the quality of the stone.

Most andalusite gemstones contain needle like inclusions, and, unless the inclusions affect the color light reflective qualities of the stones, they do not interfere much with the value of the gemstones.

At this time synthetic andalusite is not available, though some laboratories are experimenting with methods to create lab grown andalusite.

When looking for quality andalusite rings, cut and colors are the two most valuable aspects of the andalusite gemstone. The more unusual larger carats are also highly valued.

Andalusite Meaning

Andalusite was once referred to as the “cross stone” or the “lapis crucifer” from the needle like inclusions inside the gemstone that sometimes form cross-like patterns. Due to these cross-like features, andalusite is believed to have protective traits, especially those which protect the wearer from any type of evil.

wedding ring shopping tips

Andalusite Shopping Tips

The andalusite gemstone, despite its beautiful colors, durability, and affordability, has never been a popular stone with jewelers and gemstone enthusiasts. Perhaps it is the stone’s unique color, reputation as the “poor man’s alexandrite” (though it looks nothing like alexandrite), or the inclusions that are often found in andalusite gemstones.

Whatever the case, it can be difficult to find authentic andalusite rings or andalusite wedding rings due to the gemstone’s lack of popularity. Most andalusite gemstones can be purchased as loose stones from specialty gemstone dealers, and then the stones may be set in a ring by a professional jeweler that has experience working with similar types of gemstones.

For online resources, the best places to find authentic andalusite rings are Etsy and eBay.

Remember when selecting an andalusite gemstone that cut and color are the most highly valued aspects.

While synthetic andalusites are not yet available, some retailers sell similar looking objects that are made out of cut glass. To ensure that you are buying authentic andalusite, purchase your andalusite through a reputable seller, do not purchase andalusite through any sources that do not offer a refund policy, and have the gem examined by a local certified gemologist/jeweler to confirm the gemstone's quality, authenticity and value.

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