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Your Guide to the Aquamarine Gemstone

aquamarine engagement rings

Aquamarine engagement rings are prized for their depth, luster, shine and strength, and aquamarine gemstones offer an affordable and stunning colorful alternative to white diamond rings.

To find the perfect aquamarine for your ring, check out the helpful info below including aquamarine color and enhancements, gemstone price guides, plus valuable shopping tips for aquamarine wedding rings. And if you have any questions about this captivating gemstone, use the comment section at the end of the page to send in your questions!

Aquamarine Fast
Fun Facts!

March Birthstone

Durability: Excellent

Meaning: Protective, affectionate love

Flash Factor: Moderate

Special Care: None

Price $$: Moderate

Availability: High

Aquamarine Properties

Durability = Excellent
Hardness = 7.5 – 8.0
Refractive Index = 1.577 – 1.583
Specific Gravity = 2.72

Aquamarine is an extremely durable gemstone that holds up well to every day wear. And, this abundant gem looks fabulous in any number of cuts including the round brilliant, princess and heart. It has a moderate refractive index too, which contributes to the gentle sparkle and shine of a well cut aquamarine gemstone.

Aquamarine Gemstone Enhancements

The natural aquamarine color is generally a light green with secondary yellow hues - only rarely is an aquamarine found in nature with a solid light blue color. Most aquamarine is heated to remove any yellow or green colors and to enhance the blue tones. This treatment is so common, and impossible to distinguish from natural pure blue aquamarines, that most blue aquamarine gemstones are labeled as ‘probably heat treated.’

Special Care for Aquamarine Rings

Due to the excellent durability of this gemstone, aquamarine engagement rings require no special care. Although as with most long term wear rings, it is best to remove the rings before swimming in chlorinated water - and if you remove the rings store them in a separate protective pouch so the gemstones and bands cannot be scratched by other pieces of jewelry.

Best Cuts and Metals for Aquamarine

Aquamarine shines in a variety of versatile cuts, those that maximum shine include the round, pear and princess cuts - and aquamarine gemstones look stunning in marquise and emerald cuts in particular.

While aquamarine is a strong gemstone, it is best to pair this gemstone with metals like palladium, platinum and silver which do not require rhodium plate - these metals also enhance the natural sparkle and shine of aquamarine. Pairing aquamarine with rose or yellow gold can also enhance the blue color of an aquamarine gemstone.

Meaning of Aquamarine

Aquamarine, the gemstone most associated with sea water, has always had ties to the healing and cleansing nature of the sea. And for hundreds - if not thousands - of years, sailors often kept a piece of aquamarine on their person believing that the gemstone would protect them from the unpredictable nature of the sea.

The meaning of aquamarine is deeply connected to its link with water. It is believed that aquamarine offers protection from chaotic events, facilitates healthy relationships through its healing and calming influences and helps to mend rifts by washing away negative feelings.

Aquamarine is the birthstone of March, and it is also the gemstone for the Pisces horoscope sign which is a fish.

Price Guide for Aquamarine Engagement Rings and Gems

The price of aquamarine gemstones varies widely, but an average price per carat of aquamarine is $35 dollars. The value of aquamarine though can dramatically increase or decrease according to the stone’s clarity, color, and cut.

Highly valued aquamarines have an excellent clarity with absolutely no blemishes, a consistent sea-blue color, and a premium custom cut.

The carat size of an aquamarine has almost no effect on the stone’s value because aquamarine is often discovered in enormous sizes. Some aquamarine stones weigh well over 100 pounds, and because of its abundance in large sizes it is possible to buy a huge aquamarine for a price similar to a much smaller stone.

The darker blue aquamarines are valued at higher prices than the lighter blues, but many consumers looking for aquamarine rings prefer the lighter blue gemstones.

Natural aquamarines that have not been heat treated, and which retain their original aquamarine color with a light green tint, have also become increasingly popular in recent years - although as of yet their value is no higher than the enhanced or natural blue aquamarine gemstones.

The price for aquamarine engagement rings will also depend on the metal used to craft the work and the level of workmanship in the ring's setting and design.

wedding ring shopping tips

Shopping Tips for Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Aquamarine engagement rings and wedding bands are an excellent choice for gemstone wedding rings (and a personal favorite here at Everything Wedding Rings!).

Aquamarine gemstones come in a variety of shapes, shades of blue, sizes, styles, and cuts. Due to the stone’s strength and physical properties, jewelers are always experimenting with new types of cuts that will feature an aquamarine in unique and stunning designs.

While plenty of quality aquamarine engagement rings and wedding bands are available, shoppers still need to be savvy about their purchase. There are currently no synthetic aquamarine gemstones on today’s market, but some stones are falsely labeled as aquamarine gemstones.

Some of these false labels include:

  • "Synthetic Aquamarine" which is synthetic blue Spinel.
  • "Brazilian Aquamarine" or "Nerchinsk Aquamarine" which is blue Topaz.
  • "Mass Aqua" which is cut colored glass.
  • "Siam Aquamarine" which is blue Zircon which has been heat treated.

Another aquamarine controversy surrounds the Maxixe Aquamarine. This type of stone was found in the Brazil Maxixe Mine in the early 1900’s; the gemstone’s deep blue center faded in the sunlight, and as a result the mine was closed and the location subsequently lost. Some aquamarines are sold as Maxixe Aquamarines, but they are not from this source.

Beryl that has been treated with irradiation produces a deep blue aquamarine type stone and was named Maxixe Aquamarine; these gemstones hit the market about 30 years ago, but their color also fades easy in the sunlight.

Fortunately most Maxixe Aquamarines have been taken off the market, but some are still around. If you happen to find a very deep blue aquamarine that does not have good light reflection and brilliance qualities, and is priced low, chances are that you have come across a so called Maxixe Aquamarine.

Keep in mind that a loose aquamarine gemstone is valued based on color (deep blue is higher valued), clarity (clear with no blemishes), and cut (custom cuts are higher valued); carat has little to do with the gemstone’s overall price.

Currently 18k white gold aquamarine rings are very popular, but any white gold ring will need to be re-rhodium plated on average every one to two years. A platinum, palladium or sterling silver aquamarine ring can provide a great alternative to white gold. 

Aquamarine and diamond engagement ring styles are extremely popular, but make sure any diamonds which are included in the ring come with a certificate from a reputable diamond laboratory like the GIA, AGS, EGL or IGI. Or an appraisal in the case of vintage, estate or antique aquamarine rings.

Good Luck on your search for the perfect aquamarine ring, and if you would like to share your stunning ring with our viewers - or send in a review of your ring - use the comment box below!

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