Value of Morganite?

What would be an approximate value of a morganite ring, with rose gold surrounded by diamonds and diamonds on the side? - Joyce

The value of any ring which includes diamonds and gemstones is highly dependent on the quality, cut and size of the stones.

Without this information, it is near impossible to provide any type of estimate for the ring. A jeweler who specializes in appraisals will need to take a close look at the ring to assess these properties. While I cannot provide an approximation on the ring’s value, the info below may help you to gauge the characteristics which will determine the value of your ring:

The value of morganite is determined first by the color and cut of the stone. The most desirable colors for morganite gemstones – and therefore the most highly valued – are consistent medium pink tones. Morganite gemstones which are either too dark or too light (with a washed out pink color) are not valued as high as the medium pink tones. Likewise, a custom cut morganite has a much higher value than a morganite that has received a generic machine cut.

Large morganite gemstones are frequently discovered, and so carat size does not have a huge impact on the price of the morganite. However, large morganite gems that retain a consistent medium pink tone are somewhat rare – so these stones will have the highest values.

Along with color and cut, the clarity of the morganite gemstone will also affect its value. Eye clean morganite is not rare, but morganite with the highest clarity grades will warrant the highest appraisals. Any inclusions or blemishes will severely affect the value of a morganite gemstone.

The value of the rose gold band will depend on the karat, weight and style of the band. Plain light-weight rose gold bands made with 10K or 14K gold are often available for less than $100.00 dollars, and a plain light-weight 18K rose gold band is usually priced over $300 dollars. If the band includes exceptional metal work, details or engraving the value of the band will be more.

Lighter pink morganite rings with small diamonds on 10K gold bands can be found for less than $300 dollars, but rings which contain an exceptional morganite and an 18K gold band (leaving the diamonds out of this equation) are often priced at over $1,000 dollars.

I hope this information helps – perhaps you can use it to determine an approximate value of your ring or to decide if you want to have your ring appraised by a jeweler in your area.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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