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(Berkeley, CA)

I have a white gold or platinum ring with 3 stones of 1/4 ct size (approx) presumably alexandrite. We paid approx $2,000 for it one year ago from a nice jewelry store. I did not know about synthetic alexandrite stones and do not remember where the receipt is with all the info.

One stone is oval and changes at different time of the day 30% to 60% in color from a cold dark-ish green (green blue)to a purple-'amethyst' color depending on the light type. The smaller stones have an almost 100% color change (one changes faster that the other, when brought outside). These two have tiny dark inclusions.

Does this seem to be a natural alexandrite or synthetic? The person in the store said that they get this stone very rarely. Thank you.


It is difficult to say whether your ring could be made with synthetic or natural alexandrite gemstones, but here are a few points which lead me to believe that your ring probably contains authentic alexandrite.

1). From your description, it sounds like you purchased the ring from a reputable jewelry store. Difficulties with synthetic alexandrite gemstones marketed as real alexandrite gemstones are usually seen when the stones are purchased from an unknown source.

2). You mentioned that the two side stones had visible inclusions. Synthetic alexandrite gemstones do not normally have visible inclusions. In fact, their state of perfection is often a clue to their synthetic nature.

3). The price you paid for the ring seems a bit low at first, but inclusions can have a huge impact on the value of alexandrite gemstones. So, while a ring made with eye clean alexandrite gemstones of that size would be assumed to cost more - the lowered price for your ring makes sense when the inclusions are taken into account.

4). The price of the ring could also be affected by the color change of the center stone. Alexandrite gemstones which exhibit a higher percentage of color change, or a full color change, are valued much higher than those which have a smaller amount of color change.

Concerning the color change tones/shades, that sounds right for alexandrite gemstones - but it is too difficult to use that as a means of evaluating the authenticity of the gemstones without seeing them in person. Plus, color change chrysoberyl and synthetic alexandrites can exhibit color changes as well.

All in all, it sounds like your ring could be made with authentic alexandrite gemstones - but with gemstones which have a bit of a lower value due to the color change characteristics and the clarity grades. But to be 100% sure, it is best to have the ring evaluated by a certified gemologist.

I hope this info is helpful!

Thanks -

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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