The Handy Tattoo Wedding Ring Guide
Essential Info About Finger Tattoos

The Handy Tattoo Wedding Ring Guide is the essential resource for anyone who is thinking about getting a wedding ring tattoo. This comprehensive 68 page e-book, available for instant download (which can be viewed on your personal computer, Kindle etc.) for $2.99, includes need to know information about tattoo ring designs, special care for finger tattoos and provides answers to frequently asked questions about these types of tattoos.

The Guide also includes 11 pages featuring my interview with notable famous tattoo artist Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand the "Godmother of Tattoo" (who also tattooed Howard Stern's wedding ring tattoo) - during which she provides her upfront and honest opinion about tattoo rings, the best types of finger tattoo designs and the types of wedding tattoos to avoid. See a sneak peek of the interview below, or take a look at comments by couples who have purchased the book!

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The Handy Tattoo Wedding Ring Guide

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Here is what you'll find inside:

  • The bottom line about tattoo wedding rings and what you can expect from these tattoos (including the types of tattoo designs that will not last on fingers).

  • An insightful 11 page interview with Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand - a highly experienced and revered tattoo artist. The interview covers her thoughts and opinions on tattoo today and a ton of info on her experienced recommendations about wedding ring tattoos.

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about wedding ring tattoos.

  • 50 finger tattoo design ideas perfect for couples including unique tattoo ring designs like African symbols, Chinese characters, symbols of love and unity and the best types of letter fonts to use for finger tattoos.

  • Essential information on the types of tattoo wedding ring designs to stay away from.

  • Do's and Don'ts for tattoo aftercare on finger tattoos.

  • Considerations to keep in mind before you get inked.

  • Creative ideas for wedding tattoo alternatives to wedding ring tattoos.

I created this Guide to provide couples with the most accurate and comprehensive tattoo wedding ring info - so that they can make an informed decision about their tattoos....and whether or not tattoos are the right decision for their own unique circumstances.

When I first started researching wedding ring tattoos, I discovered a TON of misinformation about these types of tattoos on the Internet - misinformation which could lead to regret, not to mention horrible looking tattoos.

It took months of research and work to put this e-book together, but I want the Guide to be available and accessible to anyone who is thinking about getting a wedding ring tattoo. Because this really is essential information that will help you and your partner to find the right tattoos which will express your relationship, love and commitment towards one another.

With the info provided in this Guide, couples can also gain an idea of the types of designs which will work on a finger tattoo, and the types that won't. For example, popular finger wedding tattoo designs, like Celtic tattoo wedding rings, do not look well after they heal, have a tendency to blur and they will not last.

During our interview, Kate Hellenbrand also offers need-to-know information about tattoo wedding rings. As one of the most notable tattoo artists of our time, with 40+ years of tattoo experience, she provides couples with a realistic view on what they can expect from these types of tattoos.

Here is a Sneak Peek of the interview:

Before Kate and I began to discuss the specifics of wedding ring tattoos, Kate offered an insightful look into the world of tattoo today – and how changes in technology, perceptions of tattoos and access to tattoo equipment have affected tattoo artists and tattoo clientele: Kate Hellenbrand: “Well, the first thing that I want to say is that the world of tattooing has really changed dramatically in the last five years. A lot of people have gained access to the equipment but not the knowledge. It takes about a good 30 years before you really have the strong basis of information - if you are willing and lucky enough to sit by people who know more than you do; people who have already gone through the 30 or 40 years that it takes to learn the truths of tattooing and the human body – and they would get that from sitting next to other people who have had 30 or 40 years worth of experience too. Right now with tattooing and tattoo artists - the technology of buying tattoo equipment is very shallow, and so nobody is getting the knowledge and the information of the truths of tattooing. They are just able to buy the equipment and then go blithely on and marking people up, but that doesn’t mean that that’s good tattooing or effective tattooing. And there are real truths to tattooing......"

Here is What This Handy Guide Will Do For You!

  • Show you the best wedding ring tattoo designs for you and your partner - designs that are ideal for finger tattoos.

  • Show you the types of tattoo designs which absolutely need to be avoided because they do not work for finger tattoos.

  • Pinpoint the exact areas on the finger which will take tattoos well, and reveal the areas on the fingers and hand which should never be tattooed.

  • Provide answers to questions about tattoo wedding rings including insights into tattoo costs, care, and the best time to tattoo.

  • Offer complete need-to-know info about tattoo wedding rings from an expert tattoo artist with decades of tattoo experience.

  • Reveal common myths which you may have read about tattoo wedding rings and addresses misinformation about these types of tattoo.

If you have any questions about the Guide, or your purchase, email me at You can also share comments, e-book reviews and pics of your tattoo wedding rings with future visitors using the comment box below.


Suzanne Gardner

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~ Comments ~

My fiance and I wanted to get tattoo rings, but we weren't sure on the design. Your guide really helped us, and we are happy with the results - thanks!

Richie and Sheryl - Miami, FL

We knew we wanted letter wedding ring tattoos, and with the Handy Guide we choose a Gothic font for our tattoo rings.

Liz and Bryson- Ohio

Wow! The interview with Kate was fantastic! Still not sure if my partner and I want to go with tattoo rings, but now we feel like we have more info to make the right choice -

Renee - Washington

After reading the book, my wife and I went with 14K white gold wedding bands and got alternative commitment tattoos on our right ankles. The book really helped us make a decision that really worked for us!

Justin - Texas

Thank-you Thank-you!!!! Loved the book and are picking the perfect tattoo for our rings.

Beckie - Florida

My boyfriend and I actually decided NOT to get ring tattoos after we read the Guide because there was alot we didn't know about finger tattoos. We are really happy though with the rings we bought for our wedding and that we read the Guide before getting tattoos.

- Anonymous

Finally found your book when I was researching tattoo designs and it opened our eyes. After we read it we realized that our first tattoo artist was 100% correct and that the second artist was not looking out for our best interests. We settled on a new design and our first tattoo artist is happy to do it too - thanks again!

Kate and Jim - Atlanta

We went with another design, but the book helped us to choose the right design for our rings - our first design would not have worked out well at all.

David - Washington

My boyfriend and I went with the English Towne lettering - he got the M and I got the B - and we really love the new tats.

Malaya and Ben -Fort Collins, CO

Never heard of the Adrinka symbols before but really like them, not sure about getting them for rings but I'm thinking about getting one somewhere else as a present to my girlfriend. We are still thinking about tattoo rings - and like the book.

Devon - Richmond