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Shop online and buy in-store! Gabriel & Co. offers the best of both worlds for couples looking for stunning engagement and wedding rings. With an online store, couples can pick out the styles of their choice, and then choose from one of the many thousands of Gabriel & Co. locations to view the ring in-store before purchasing. 

Below you'll find more about this exquisite designer wedding ring company including materials and metals, pricing, return policies, ethics and available styles!

Company History

Gabriel & Co. was founded over 30 years ago by brothers Jack and Dominick Gabriel. Following a family history dedicated to creating artisan jewelry, Jack and Dominick have worked for over 3 decades to grow and expand their company focusing on the timeless techniques that have been used in their family for generations to craft fine designer jewelry. 

Engagement and Wedding Ring Designs and Styles

Couples will find a variety of engagement and wedding ring styles that are truly unique - nature inspired, superb vintage-style creations, two-tone rings blended together in rich twisted designs, curvaceous free-form compositions, and bold arrangements that combine a variety of diamond cuts and shapes.  

Examples of Gabriel & Co. Wedding Rings

With a generous selection of styles, couples can also select metals including platinum, 18k and 14k white gold, 18k and 14k rose gold, and 18k and 14k yellow gold and two-tone, and custom designed rings. Center diamond cuts and shapes include round, cushion, oval, princes, emerald, pear and marquise, and a few designs are paired with sapphire gemstones.

Currently Gabriel & Co. offers an extensive selection of women's engagement and wedding rings with plans for an expanded men's wedding band section. 

Wedding Ring Prices

Prices for wedding and engagement rings are listed by the band only as the diamonds/gemstones are selected in-store. Band prices range from below $1,000 dollars for stream-lined contemporary bands and $10,000 plus for more intricate bands which contain diamonds and are styled with extra intricate designs. 

Jewelry Ethics

Gabriel & Co. is committed to using ethically sourced, conflict-free materials and metals in all jewelry creations. To further the company's global impact, Gabriel & Co. created the Love Scholarship Foundation and supports a number of causes.  

Return Policies

Couples can shop with security and confidence here! Once wedding or engagement rings are registered, rings can be exchanged within one year of purchase plus a one-year damage protection warranty is available with each ring. 

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