Will CZ Plated Ring Color My Finger?

by Holly
(Nashville, Tn)

rhodium plated brass ring

rhodium plated brass ring

I recently bought a ring from overstock.com and it lists as follows:

Icz Stonez Rhodium plated Cubic Zirconia 3ct TGW Bridal Ring Set

Metal information and dimensions
■Metal: Brass
■Engagement ring style: Solitaire
■Wedding bands style: Multi-row
■Ring setting: 8.5 mm wide x 8.5 mm long x 9 mm high
■Band: 2 mm wide
■Wedding bands: 2 mm wide

Will this turn my finger green or will the ring turn color? I want to take the best possible care of this ring and if water or lotions will cause it to turn then I will want to take it off every chance I get to retain its luster. Please advise.

Hi Holly,

While the ring you purchased is very beautiful, unfortunately brass plated rings are not recommended for wedding or engagement rings for several reasons.

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The first is that brass is an extremely soft metal - and with normal every day wear the ring will eventually become scratched and may even develop severe dings or bends. And the cost of repairing brass rings is usually much higher than the value, and purchase price, of the rings.

The brass will begin to show through as the rhodium plate wears away - and the ring will turn a brassy color.

The brass - if exposed as the rhodium plate wears away - can react with the natural oils in your skin and cause your finger to turn green.

The rhodium plate however will strengthen the outside of the ring - and reduce risks for scratches - plus protect your finger from reacting with the brass. However, if you plan on wearing the ring regularly the rhodium plate will need to be re-applied at least once a year - which can add up to an extra expense of hundreds of dollars over the ring's lifetime.

For these reasons, Everything Wedding Rings recommends avoiding plated brass or copper rings - and sticking with CZ rings made with sterling silver or stainless steel.

But since you already have the ring, the best steps to take to keep the ring in excellent condition for years to come is:

  • Remove the ring when performing any activities which could expose the ring to knocks, dings or scratches - and when performing any activities which will expose the ring to detergents or chemicals.

  • Remove the ring before using lotions or hair products.

  • Take the ring off when showering, bathing or swimming.

  • Renew the rhodium plate as needed.

  • When storing the ring, place the ring in a separate space where it will not come into contact with other jewelry pieces which can scratch it.

  • Try to keep the ring as dry as possible - and if you need to dry the ring use a very soft clean cotton cloth.

Some people paint the inside of plated brass rings with clear nail polish to protect their finger from turning green as the rhodium plate wears away - but if you decide to go with that route it is important to make sure the nail polish is completely removed before a new rhodium plate is applied.

If you want to find out more about rhodium plate too, just check-out our informative Rhodium Plate page.

You might also want to buy a more durable CZ sterling silver ring, when possible, which can be worn every day - and then save this ring for special occasions.

I hope this information is helpful - and do write back if you have any additional questions about your ring!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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