Will an Amethyst Ring Suit a Virgo?

by Attiya Zaidi
(Lahore, Pakistan)

I was born Sept. 13th, 1974, and I am a Virgo. I would like to buy an amethyst ring – but will an amethyst suit a Virgo?

Hello Attiya,

This is a very interesting question – and I have reached outside of my usual researching arena, but I think I have found a terrific answer for you.

Virgo is an earth sign and Virgos are known for their personal reserve and attention to perfection and detail, but while a Virgo may seem outwardly reserved – inside there is a lot going on. Underneath a sometimes unemotional façade, the Virgo can be very critical of the self – always searching for inner perfection, the Virgo can sometimes develop fears of even the slightest imperfections.

The Virgo excels with intellect, continually searching for an understanding of the world, religions and philosophies. And because the Virgo can be a very caring and selfless individual, many Virgos find happiness in jobs which ‘serve’ the public – nurses, doctors, social workers, psychologists etc.

So how would an amethyst ring suit a Virgo? Very well it turns out.

The Amethyst is complimentary for signs which include Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn. An amethyst has qualities which include purification, calmness and clarity – qualities which can help to soothe the sometimes anxious and critical Virgo mind. The amethyst can also help a Virgo to feel balanced and centered.

An amethyst is a very spiritual stone too which has been used for centuries as a meditational tool to help foster a state of inner peace and spiritual awareness. The spiritual qualities of an amethyst stone can support creative tendencies which many Virgos have – creativity is often a messy process, one that usually results in a work of beautiful imperfections, but some Virgos struggle with their need to create because of their desire to attain perfection.

Hope this info helps! Personally I am a Leo, but the amethyst is one of my favorite gemstones – and I would recommend this exquisite and beautiful gemstone for anyone – regardless of their sign – but as it turns out, the amethyst is particularly suited to your sign.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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