Where to Find a Synthetic Diamond?

by Elle

Where would you buy a synthetic diamond?

Hi Elle,

Lab created synthetic diamonds - which have the exact same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds - are currently only available through a few different companies, and below you will find EWR's top recommendations for synthetic certified diamonds.

Make sure that when you are searching for a synthetic diamond that the diamond has the exact same properties as a real diamond - and that the gemstone is not a simulant diamond, which looks similar to a real diamond but does not have the same physical properties as a real diamond.

Synthetic diamonds too, just like real diamonds, should come with a certificate from a reputable laboratory like the Gemological Institute of America or the International Gemological Institute. By sticking with a certified IGI or GIA synthetic diamond you can be sure that the diamond is a real synthetic and a quality diamond (the certificate will grade the diamond on clarity, color and cut too just like with a natural diamond certificate).

One other thing to keep in mind: expect colorless synthetic diamonds to cost just as much as natural colorless diamonds. This is because the process that is used to create synthetic colorless diamonds is still quite intensive. If you are looking for a more affordable synthetic diamond, try a color synthetic diamond.

Resources which I would highly recommend for synthetic diamond shoppers are companies which not only produce synthetic diamonds, but which also set the standards for eco-friendly lab diamond production and ring metals:

D.NEA Diamonds sell a variety of lab created white (colorless), blue, yellow, orangy and red diamonds either loose or set in rings. Couples can also choose rings made with eco-friendly sourced platinum, 18k gold and silver.

Gemvara now has a selection of synthetic diamonds already set into ring styles and a selection of round synthetic diamonds.

Brilliant Earth, one of the renowned eco-friendly wedding ring companies in the U.S. has an extensive selection of colorless IGI certified synthetic diamonds all set in eco-friendly sourced platinum and 18k yellow gold. You can also find a beautiful selection of lab created Fancy Color Lab Created Diamonds at Brilliant Earth too.

One other very interesting source to consider for synthetic diamonds is a newer technology that has previously been used to create diamonds from the ashes of loved ones (people and pets). Now however, it is possible to make a real lab created diamond from human hair - so couples looking for a very unique wedding ring can actually have their rings made with diamonds crafted from the carbon isolated from a lock of their hair! Check out DNA2 Diamondsfor more info.

Good luck on your search, and if you do purchase a synthetic diamond we would love to read a review on your purchase.


Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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