Wedding Ring Sizes Compared to Fake Rings

by Tanya
(Spokane, WA)

Are wedding ring sizes different from fake rings? I bought a fake metal ring and was wondering if I were to get a wedding ring would it be the same size or do the sizes differ?

Hi Tanya,

The size of the fake ring you purchased could be different from another ring size depending on where the ring came from.

Most countries have their own way of measuring ring size, and in many instances the sizes can match up perfectly to a size standard in another country – but sometimes the sizes will not match up exactly.

Here is table to show an example of discrepancies which may arise between ring sizes.

U.S. Ring SizeUK Ring SizeJapan Ring Size
6 14M 12-
6 12N13

Rings from the UK are measured in increments which match up to most ring sizes in the United States. So, if the ring was a ring size M 12 in the UK it would match up perfectly with a U.S. ring size of 6 14. In these cases, the retailers just sort the rings according to what size they match up with in the U.S.

But, if the ring was made in Japan then it could have a different size than your U.S. ring measurements. Japan measures ring sizes by increments larger than U.S. ring sizes.

So, a ring size of 12 in Japan would match up with a U.S. ring size of 6 – but the next Japan ring size is 13, which matches up with a U.S. ring size of 6 12.

The problem is that there is no Japan ring size that will match up with the U.S. ring size of 6 14. In this case, the retailers would sort the rings according to their closest size match up – but your U.S. ring size could actually be smaller or larger.

To make sure that you are purchasing a wedding ring in the right size, it is best to visit a local jewelry boutique and ask them to size your ring finger. For the best results, size your finger late in the day and at least twice two weeks apart. You can also order or print-out a free ring sizer online at this link: Free Ring Sizer at Blue Nile!

Most online companies which create rings overseas also offer ring size converters on their sites or create rings according to standards for different countries – so they can be sure the rings will always fit international clients.

I hope this information helps, and do write back if you have any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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