Wedding Bands from Online Retailer?

by Nathaniel

Hi. I've been looking for a wedding band for my fiancee, and I finally found a very beautiful ring on ********. I was wondering if you knew anything about the retailer, reputation etc?

Also, is there anything I need to ask at the time of purchase: certificate of authenticity of gold karat...?

Thanks for your help - Nath

Hello Nath,

I have never heard of this company, but I performed a little research and here are a few issues I found with this site:

1). The copyright on the site is 2011, and there is no information on the site about the company or who makes the jewelry or where the jewelry is from.

2). On diamond rings, there is no indication that the diamonds are GIA or AGS certified or that a certification will be provided with the ring - nor is there any stated policy about conflict free diamonds or the source of the metals (keep in mind, that one ounce of gold from a dirty gold resource can produce over 20 tons of waste) used to make the rings.

3). The description of the rings each provide information which indicate that the rings have a karat hallmark stamp - but a hallmark stamp doesn't mean anything unless it is accompanied by a maker's mark or maker's trademark stamp. Keep in mind that anyone can put a stamp on a piece of jewelry with the right equipment.

4). The yellow pages listing for this business does not match the address on the website.

These are all huge red flags in my book. If you are interested in purchasing a ring from this site, please use caution.

Call and ask if a GIA or AGS certification is provided with the ring (these are the most reputable certification companies, and all of the top online retailers who sell diamonds offer either a GIA or AGS report with their pieces). Inquire too as to where the rings were made and who makes them.

If you are unsatisfied with the answers provided by this company, do check out my 3 favorite online wedding ring retailers:

Blue Nile

Brilliant Earth


All 3 of these companies have a stellar reputation, firm conflict-free policies, GIA or AGS certificates are provided with each purchase of diamond jewelry, and they use environmentally responsible resources for their metals. All the rings from these online retailers too are custom made by hand, plus they all have a large selection of engagement and wedding rings priced for low to high budgets.

I hope this information is helpful. Again, please use caution before ordering a ring from this site - or any other online wedding ring sites which do not offer complete information on their products.

Good luck on your search - and I wish you all the best on your upcoming engagement.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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