Victorian Ring?

by Cheryl
(Boynton Beach, FL)

Victorian Ring?

Victorian Ring?

This was my grandmother's ring. I believe she told me it was from 1880. It is rose gold and had black enamel on scroll pattern on the side.
The diamond is about a half a carat. Could you tell me how old it is and how the approximate value? I was going to give to my daughter who prefers white gold. Would it destroy the value to have it dipped?

Hi Cheryl,

The style of this ring is a beautiful representation of when Victorian rings began to show the first designs that led to the Art Nouveau and Edwardian periods.

Rings from this Era (1880s) become lighter with an almost airy sense of style, natural motifs including flowers were quite popular and diamonds were still in use through this Period although when Art Nouveau styles became established in later years the use of pearls and gems and enameling became more popular.

Scrolling along the outside of the ring, often by handmade works, is seen in the 1880s period too as is the use of black enameling.

To really narrow down when the ring was created, it would help to know the diamond cut style (old mine, rose cut etc.) and the material that has been used to set the diamond - platinum settings for diamonds only appeared in the late Victorian age around the mid-1880s so that information could be helpful.

As to dipping the ring in Rhodium or anything else, I would strongly advise against it. These processes could destroy the patina that has formed on the ring over it's long history plus ruin any of the black enameling that is left on the ring - the value of the ring could be affected quite a bit.

How much is this ring worth? That depends widely on a few factors - the weight of the gold in the ring, whether the ring is hand-crafted or machine made, the quality of the diamond (any inclusions or blemishes on the diamond will decrease value) and the overall condition of the ring.

Similar rings in pristine condition with these types of designs from the Late Victorian Age are often priced in the $2,000 to $3,000+ price range but again, the value will depend heavily on the factors listed above.

I hope this information has helped to reveal more about this stunning family treasure.

One last note, be careful cleaning the ring - buffing and regular ring cleaners can destroy the patina. If the ring needs to be cleaned, be sure to take the ring to an antique jeweler who offers this service, an antique jeweler might also be able to give you a more solid appraisal on the ring's value.

Thank-you for sharing this lovely antique ring with EWR viewers!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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