Width and Size Of Titanium Wedding Band

by IndigoBlue

Could you please tell me if you would take the same size in a titanium wedding band as you would in a gold wedding band, or should it be larger or smaller? Also, can you suggest a proper width for a size 12 wedding band? Thank you.

Hello IndigoBlue,

Titanium wedding bands are the same standard sizes as other types of wedding bands (e.g. gold, palladium, platinum, silver etc.) - so, if you take a size 12 in a gold wedding band you would take a size 12 in a titanium wedding band.

Titanium Wedding Rings

The width of titanium rings ranges from around 2 to 15 millimeters. Ladies titanium wedding rings are generally 2 to 5 mm in width, while men's titanium wedding rings are usually between 8-10 mm wide.

A ring size 12 is a tad bit larger than the average men's wedding ring size - which is a 10 - and if you have large hands or large fingers than in most cases the larger width bands tend to look better than the smaller width bands.

I think a 10 mm titanium band would suit your finger size just fine (if you have a centimeter ruler, 10 mm is equal to 1 cm), but you could also probably go up to a 12 if you are looking for a larger width size wedding ring.

If are shopping for titanium rings online, and you are unsure of how the width size will look on your finger, visit a local jewelers and compare how wedding bands in the same width look - or you could cut a long piece of paper 1 cm or wider and wrap it around your ring finger.

I hope this info helps - and do write back again if you have additional questions.


Suzanne Gardner
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Where to Find Size 16 Titanium Ring

by Dawn

Hi.I am looking for men's wedding titanium or stainless steel wedding bands size 16. I am having a most difficult time finding larger sized rings. Do you have any recommendations? - Thanks, Dawn

Hello Dawn,

I can see where it would be challenging to find rings in a size 16! Most retailers and designers of men's wedding rings go up to around a 13 to 14 ring size - but a 16 needs to be specially ordered.

In this case, your best option is to go with a jeweler who can handcraft a ring for you. I do not know of any jewelers who create stainless steel rings in a size 16, but I do have a recommendation for a size 16 titanium wedding band and that is Minter & Richter. They have a huge selection of titanium ring designs, and they will create any of their designs up to a size 17.

However, because the rings are made to order they do not offer any returns on the rings. Make sure a size 16 is definitely the right size before you order. Measure the finger size at least twice during the late afternoon/early evening hours to confirm a 16 is the perfect fit.

You can find Minter & Richter through their Etsy shop at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MinterandRichterDes. Through Etsy, you may also find additional jewelers who can handcraft titanium wedding bands in your size.

Good luck on your search - and if you do order a Minter & Richter ring, do send us a pic if you get a chance : )


Suzanne Gardner

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