Strongest or lightest metal? Or can I get both?

by Caroline

Over the last few years, I have suffered from Fibromyalgia which is affecting my hands. I am very sensitive to pressure and it quickly causes long-lasting pain. So my question is, can you recommend a metal type for a wedding ring which is both light, strong, and does not tarnish easily?

I recently began to research this, and I am aware that it is not entirely helpful to simply compare metal weight or strength, because (for example) a certain weight of platinum compared to the same weight in silver does not mean you get the same strength in the metal. The silver will bend and become scratched much more easily.

Ultimately, I would like a ring (and I don't actually care whether it's a gold colour or a silver colour) with a few diamond chips in a line on one side.

Any recommendations?

Hi Caroline,

I’ve written a comprehensive page about the weight of wedding ring metals, just click on the link to see the exact weights for each metal – but below I’ve included extra info to help you choose the very best metal for your wedding ring.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to compromise on durability for light metal weight when it comes to selecting a wedding ring metal, because many of the lightest wedding ring metals are also the strongest.

Your best options for a light weight yet strong wedding ring metal that will not tarnish include:

Metals including tungsten, gold and platinum are noticeably heavier than the metals listed here. And while sterling silver is a bit lighter than palladium, it will tarnish and silver does not have nearly the same level of durability as titanium, stainless steel, cobalt chrome or palladium.

By far, titanium is noticeably lighter than any of these metals – a titanium ring will feel light as a feather on your finger, and titanium is stronger than palladium.

Stainless steel and cobalt chrome are quite light too, and out of the traditional wedding ring metals palladium is the lightest.

The only downside to contemporary metals like titanium, stainless steel and cobalt chrome is that styles are somewhat limited in women’s ring selections. If you are looking for a more feminine or traditional engagement ring style – especially with raised prong diamond settings - palladium is definitely the best choice.

And, while palladium is a bit heavier than contemporary metals if you select a ring that has a small millimeter width the ring may be lighter than some of the more common thicker millimeter band steel, titanium and chrome wedding ring styles.

I looked for a small millimeter width ring in steel, titanium and chrome wedding ring styles but was unable to find a ring that had the type of design you described. I’m sure there are some out there somewhere, but it might take a bit of research to find them.

However, in terms of palladium rings – you might want to check out one of EWR’s favorite diamond and gemstone wedding ring jewelers: Gemvara

Gemvara has an extensive selection of handcrafted palladium wedding rings, but here are a few selections below that I thought might suit the style you have been searching for.

Simplicity Princess Matching Band Diamond Palladium Ring

Six-Stone Button Band Palladium Ring with Diamonds

Courtney Band Palladium Ring with Diamonds

Starry Night Band Palladium Ring with Diamonds

Rhone Band Palladium Ring with Diamonds

I hope with this info you can find a comfortable wedding ring that may be enjoyed for every day wear, but if you have any extra questions do write again. And to find out more about the qualities of each of the metals listed here, just click on their links.

And all the best with your wedding ring search!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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