Spinning Wedding Ring and Ring Size

My fiance and I want to buy spinner wedding bands, and we want to be able to engrave the "spin" part. But our biggest problem is I wear a size 3 and he wears a size 15 I think. Was wondering if you could help?

Thanks for your time,

Hi Brandi,

A ring size 3 is not very common (as you well know!) and unfortunately – as spinning rings cannot be resized – companies which make spinning rings generally only make them from size 4 and up. I have seen spinning rings available in a size 15 - but since you and your partner want to have the spin part of the band engraved, and your ring size is not common, I think the best option is to have your rings custom designed and handmade.

Brilliant Earth, located in California, has a very experienced custom design team that will work with you to design and create the wedding ring style of your choice. Custom made rings here are handmade in-house, and the custom design process is extremely user-friendly.

Just send them your ideas for both rings including any engraving, gemstones or diamonds you would like included with the ring plus a metal of your choice (platinum, gold or palladium) with the sizes, and then you will receive a quote on the rings.

If you would like to proceed, the design team will create a drawing of the rings and if those are approved 3-D CAD/wax models of the rings will be created for your final approval before the rings are actually crafted.

There are also a number of jewelry artists who create handmade spin bands on the website etsy.com. You can order the rings in the sizes you need and talk with the artist you choose about customized engraving on the rings.

Prices for handmade spinner rings on Etsy range from under $100 dollars for a sterling silver spinning wedding ring to over $2,000 for an intricate white gold spinning ring; most of the spinning rings were between $100 to $500 dollars.

If you visit the Etsy website – (if you’ve never heard of it, Etsy is a forum for people to sell handmade, vintage and artistic goods of all kinds) - just type in ‘spinner rings’ under the handmade search box and a whole bunch of spinner rings created by different artists will pop-up.

As with all ring commissions - talk with the artist about refund policies and when you can expect the rings before you continue with the ring orders. As spinning rings cannot be resized - make sure you obtain the correct ring sizes before you order the rings (you and your partner may want to visit a local jewelry store to size your fingers on two different days about two weeks apart so you can be 100% sure of the sizes).

I think this would probably be the best option – plus your rings will be handmade with care by an experienced jewelry artisan!

Best of luck with your ring - and if you do decide to have a ring custom made we would love to see a pic of the ring and your review of the custom process!


Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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glad to help
by: chrl20121

Hi Brandi, I would be glad to help. That was my problem also when we were looking for ring that would fit our fingers when preparing for our wedding. Upon searching the web, I have found this website that you might want to try, http://www.mensweddingringshq.com.au/ringsizechart.php Before our wedding, our ring arrived with the exact size we requested.

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