Sizing a Ring with Rhodium Plating

by Stacy
(Coppell, TX USA)

I have a silver ring that has Rhodium plating on it. I took it to a jewelry repair shop, and they say they can't size a ring with it on there...Is this true and what can be done about sizing? Thanks

Hi Stacy,

It is true that sizing any ring with rhodium plating, whether it is rhodium plated gold or rhodium plated silver, is a challenge.

The difficulty lies in soldering the ring back together after the sizing has been performed. Plating will also be removed or damaged during the soldering process, and if the ring is sized upwards the new material that is added to the ring must be plated to match.

Just adding rhodium plate over the area where the ring was sized does not work sometimes - in many cases a small line forms or the metal pits because of the miniscule uneven textures between the lines where the ring was sized.

In most cases, the ring must be stripped of the current rhodium plating, sized and then re-rhodium plated.

Some very experienced jewelers are able to size a ring without stripping off all of the rhodium plating - but the ring still must be placed in a rhodium bath afterwards and then polished with expertise.

It can be an intensive process to try to size a rhodium plated ring without stripping off the current rhodium plate - and many jewelers just don't want to deal with. Plus, many jewelers do not have the expertise to finish the ring with a seamless look.

So - yes, in most cases the plating will need to be stripped and then reapplied when the ring is sized.

Try calling around in your area to find a jeweler who has experience sizing rhodium plated rings. Depending on the jeweler's technique, the ring will either be stripped of rhodium plate before the ring is sized or sized without stripping the current plate. In either case, the ring will need to be re-plated and polished after it is sized for a seamless look.

Hope this info helps, and do write again if you have any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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rhodum gone
by: Anonymous

bought a mans wedding band 10k yellow gold with 2 rows of 4 diamonds. had it resized from 12 to 14. got it back an notice the diamonds didn't pop like they did in jewelry store. very disappointed

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