Rings for Really weird skin

by Aubrie

Hi, I have really weird skin, it's eaten away at the sterling silver playing within a week. My grandmother has had similar problems so I assume I got her skin. She says that she's had that problem with gold and even platinum as well, I was thinking about tungsten but there's not really any very feminine tungsten rings outlet there. What do you think would work for me?

Hi Aubrie,

Sorry to hear about your skin issues - that sounds quite unusual! However, if you have severe allergies or reactions to those types of metals and a family history of these reactions too, I would suggest trying a palladium ring.

Palladium is a hypoallergenic metal and comes in a variety of designs and styles. It is important though to to make sure you purchase a high quality palladium ring that has not been alloyed with silver or nickel (while uncommon it is possible so it is best to check the retailer about the contents of palladium alloy rings).

Tungsten, titanium and cobalt rings are also good options as these rings offer hypoallergenic qualities as well. However, as you noted styles are limited in these types of metal rings because they are so extremely hard and cannot easily be worked into intricate designs that are more associated with feminine ring styles.

As with most people who have skin reactions to jewelry, make sure that your rings have not been alloyed with nickel or that they do not contain a plate of a higher quality metal with an underlying low quality metal (like copper or brass).

I hope this info is helpful and if you do find a ring material that works for your skin and sense of style do let us know!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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