Possible Art Deco Ring?


Art Deco Ring?

Art Deco Ring?

Greetings from Australia! I recently purchased an antique diamond ring which was listed as an Art Deco piece. I was told that the previous owner was a lady from Hungary who migrated to Australia after WWII. The main stone is an old European cut approximately 0.6ct with two tiny ones on either side. Around the smaller stones are V like lines (chevron?). The ring is white gold and the setting platinum.

There is a hallmark 18CT -in capitals- but unfortunately no maker's mark. From what I understand because the unit CT was used rather than K, it is more likely to be of European origin. I was wondering if you could shed any light about the origins of this ring.

Many thanks.


Thank-you for sending in pics of your absolutely gorgeous ring - it is really quite beautiful!

Concerning the hallmark 18CT stamp on the band of the ring, your assumption is correct: this ring was most likely produced in Europe due to the use of the CT abbreviation as opposed to the K abbreviation.

Where the ring was crafted is purely speculation, but it could have been made in any European country that had voluntary hallmarking regulations – or compulsory hallmarking regulations with exemptions for maker’s marks before the 1950s – a few of these countries include Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Finland and Sweden.

Countries which can probably be scratched off the list of possibilities include European countries with very distinct hallmark stamps – and maker’s mark regulations – such as France, England and the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, because there is no maker’s mark – and because the hallmark is simply an 18CT stamp with no defining symbol or shape - the exact origin of the ring will probably remain a mystery.

The style of the ring seems to represent both Art Nouveau and Art Deco stylistic features. It has a delicate and very feminine look reminiscent of the light and airy designs popular with Art Nouveau artists and designers – but the geometric patterns on the band around the main center stone definitely seem to have a decidedly Art Deco influence.

It is possible that the ring was crafted sometime around 1915 when the Art Nouveau period was ending and the burgeoning Art Deco period began. Both 18k white gold and platinum settings were used prominently throughout these two design periods – but the use of Old European diamonds was more common during the Art Nouveau years.

I wish more information about the ring could be offered, but without a maker’s mark it is almost impossible to conclusively identify exactly where the ring came from. However, the specific types of designs on the sides of the band could yield additional clues.

It is difficult to see the exact shapes in the pictures - but because some types of designs were used more often, or introduced, in specific countries during the late Art Nouveau/Early Art Deco years it may be possible to narrow down the list of origin possibilities by finding out more info about the particular designs on the band.

I hope this info is helpful though – and do contact us again if you have any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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Thanks so much
by: CJ

Thank you so much for your great response! You're the best =)

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