Polishing and Replating CZ Ring

by Lanette

My CZ ring needs to be cleaned polished and rhodium plated. It's white gold, I've had it for over 3 years and it's just now starting to lose it's luster. I bought it from Ziamond.com and they state I need to pay and ship back to them.

Can't any professional jeweler clean, polish and rhodium this ring? Will or can it damage the CZ stone or should I pay round trip shipping and let the original manufactures do the work?

Hi Lanette,

Most jewelers agree that polishing cubic zirconia can be a bit challenging. The right types of materials have to be used to buff out small scratches, which can cause a cloudy appearance in a CZ gem, without damaging the stone. If the wrong buffing materials or procedures are used too, the CZ stone won’t buff up to a nice polish.

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If you were in a rural or small town, I would recommend sending the ring back to where you purchased it – because they have the equipment and the experience needed to polish and re-rhodium plate the ring at one go.

But since you are in Chicago, you could probably find a jeweler who has experience working with cubic zirconia rings and rhodium plating. You could perform a quick search on Google maps for the jewelers in your area, and then call around to see if you can locate a jeweler who has the experience and the equipment to work on your ring.

While using a local jeweler can save on shipping costs, ask for a general estimate so you can compare the price to what Ziamond would charge – plus shipping.

As long as you can find a jeweler who is confident working with CZ, the ring should have the same results as if you shipped it to the original purchaser.

However, keep in mind that repeated rhodium plate applications can have an adverse affect on cubic zirconia regardless of how experienced the jeweler is. If over time, the cubic zirconia begins to take on a cloudy or pitted appearance - then you can always have the cz replaced in the ring too.

I hope this info is helpful, and good luck on your search!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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