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by Raven

Hi there!
I love reading all about all of the beautiful rings on here. I just got engaged with a ring that I am told was my fiance's Great Grandmothers. It is far more modest than most I have seen on this site but wanted to see if you had any insight on it from the info below and photos.

His Great Grandmother lived in Scotland and it has an inprint on the inside of the band that says DA5, or DAS. Just wanted to see if you had any information you could share from the looks of the pictures and info above.

Hi Raven,

Thank-you for sharing this beautiful ring with EWR!

The ring style is quite indicative of the Art Deco Period (1915-1935). During this time, rings were often crafted in styles which featured diamonds surrounded by geometric shapes. The designs of this time were considered to be quite bold and were a dramatic change from the flowing artistic decorations that characterized the Edwardian and Art Nouveau wedding ring designs.

As for the engraving on the inside of the ring, I checked a Maker's Mark database and was unable to find anything related to it. Most Maker's Marks have designs around a number or symbol in the middle, and it is not uncommon to find Art Deco rings without Hallmarks.

It would seem that this engraving might represent the initials of one of the owners of the ring. Interestingly enough, DA5 is also a postal code for the London Borough of Bexley, and these types of postal codes went into effect around World War I. Whether this is related to your ring or not is a mystery (especially as the 5 could be an S)!

Discovering the material the ring was crafted with and the type of diamond cut and quality can help to further identify when the ring was made as well as the ring's value.

While you mentioned that the ring is modest, it is a truly beautiful representation of the Art Deco ring styles.

I hope this info is helpful - in the future if you can have the ring examined by an antique jeweler that might be helpful too.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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