Joining Platinum Ring with Another Metal

by Jessica

I have a platinum engagement ring that belonged to my soon to be mother-in-law, while I'd love to get a platinum wedding band I'm unsure if we'll be able to afford it.

Any wedding band I would get I would eventually want to have joined to my engagement ring. Would this be possible if I got another metal besides platinum for my wedding band? I would obviously like them to look similar enough to not be able to tell the difference.

Hi Jessica,

Joining a platinum ring with another metal, such as a gold or silver, is not recommended. This process takes a highly experienced hand to solder together the two metals without leaving porous marks or fragile links.

Added to the difficulties with soldering these two metals together, are the differences in melting points, thermal conductivity and expansion properties between other metals and platinum.

Due to these differences, even if the rings are soldered together with an experienced hand, the platinum can be left with weakened points that are vulnerable to stress fractures.

Platinum and white gold/silver do not have a similar look either. It will be readily apparent that the rings are made with two different metals.

Another consideration is that if you use white gold, the gold will need to be rhodium plated at least once every few years to retain its white color. It is possible to plate the platinum ring at the same time too - and then the rings would have an identical look. However, the cost of rhodium plating the rings every few years will eventually exceed the extra cost of a platinum wedding band.

It's usually best to stick with the same metals if you plan on joining the rings or if you want rings with the same look. Keep in mind too that different metals wear differently over time, and while the rings may look somewhat similar today - that may not be the case 20 or 30 years from now.

I realize platinum is more expensive than gold, but in the long term you will actually save money because there will be no need for continual rhodium plates. Also, platinum tends to wear a bit better than gold over a lifetime.

If you decide to go with platinum, you may find a suitable ring through upcoming Black Friday sales or even pre-holiday season sales.

Congratulations on your engagement - and I wish you the best with finding the right band to match your engagement ring.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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