Is This a Garnet Ring?

by Robin

Is this a garnet ring? How much is it worth?

Hello. That is a lovely ring, but it is really difficult to say whether or not that is an authentic garnet ring and how much it may be worth from the picture alone. And here's why:

1). While garnet is an affordable gemstone, synthetic garnet is widely produced and sold. Synthetic garnet rings are also widely available in jewelry markets. There is no way to distinguish whether the ring is made with real garnet - or a synthetic stone or even colored glass or plastic - without examining the gemstones.

2). The value of a garnet ring is highly dependent on the cut and clarity of the gemstones - and the type of metal used to create the ring. Handcrafted gold garnet rings made with high quality eye clean garnet gemstones with a custom cut can be valued at hundreds of dollars higher than a machine-made machine-cut garnet ring.

3). Carat size also has an effect on the value of a garnet ring - and there is no info provided about what the total carat size of the ring may be.

4). The type of garnet used to create the ring - if it is real garnet - can have a big impact on the value of the ring. For example, almandine and pyrope garnets are both available in red tones but they have different values.

5). If the garnet stones have been subjected to any kind of treatment - like heat treatment or dye treatment - this could dramatically lower the value of the gemstones and the ring too.

My best recommendation is to have the ring examined by an experienced jeweler/appraiser or a certified gemologist. A professional assessment is really the only way you will ever truly know whether the ring is made with natural garnet and what the value of the ring may be.

I hope this info is helpful - and good luck finding out more about your beautiful ring!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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