I would like to share a fake

by Ken
(Berryville, VA)

just another ring

just another ring

This was in a box of jewelery my wife had inherited. At first I thought it was just another engagement ring with an average 1/2 to 3/4K stone. It wasn't until examining it much closer I realized there was nothing real about it.

Gold colored but it attracts magnets (clue #1).
The band is adjustable and has no markings of any kind.
The brightly sparkling stone isn't (see photos).

What it is is a multi-faceted tiny disk of polished metal that glistens reflected light in many directions.

I don't know who made these, or what period it dates from, but I think if I had a lady friend who liked wearing her rings, this would be the ring we wouldn't be too upset if it got lost or stolen while the real one stayed safe in a lock box back home.

Since I am from the era of cubic zirconia, moissanite, nexus and white sapphire and have never seen a fake diamond ring quite like this before, I believe an age can be attached to this faux diamond type of ring.

Hi Ken,

Thank-you for sharing this ring with EWR viewers and the information you gained from examining the ring.

It's difficult to put an age on a ring with a possible fake diamond because diamond simulants have been around for hundreds of years - these simulants include cut glass, white sapphires, synthetic gemstones and more. So it is possible for an older ring to contain a diamond-looking stone which really isn't a diamond.

It is also a common practice to scavenge gemstones and small diamonds and simulants or synthetic gemstones from older rings which have little value and repurpose them into other rings. So even if a ring contains a gemstone with an older style cut this is not necessarily an indication of age.

From the looks of your ring though, it looks like it could possibly be a piece of costume jewelry or even something that someone picked up from a thrift store at one time or another.

Thanks again,

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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