How to Sell Benitoite Stones?


I live in Santa Clara county, I have accumulated a rather large collection of huge specimens & stones, and I am looking to sell them off. How do you recommend I go about it...?


To sell your collection of benitoite stones, these recommendations may be helpful. (P.S. I apologize for the length of time it took me to respond to your question, I somehow missed your submission when it first appeared!).

1. Start by collecting as much information about your stones as possible including their specific weights. Examine the stones for any signs of inclusions (inner imperfections) and blemishes (outer imperfections) including cracks, bubbles and dings.

2. Photograph each of the stones from different angles.

3. Contact benitoite dealers, cutters and jewelry artists who purchase raw benitoite. It is best to search for local or in-state people that have experience working with benitoite. Use your photographs and information about the stones to gain a good idea of current market values and to provide info to jewelers or faceters for possible sell values.

4. Alternatively, you can also have the stones professionally cut and faceted and then sell them to jewelers or sell them yourself from online resources (like ebay). This may be a preferred option if you can pay to have the stones faceted and finished before you sell them. Not only will you receive a higher price for the stones - but a professional faceting business will also be able to tell you if the stones can even be cut or faceted. Some stones cannot be faceted due to internal inclusions or because of the quality of the stone. By reaching out to a faceting service first you can find out if the stones are of faceting quality or if some will need to remain in rough condition when you decide to sell them. However, for extra large benitoite stones you may want to see about just having the stones cleaned and polished to sell them in the rough.

Fortunately, because you live in an area where rare benitoite stones are sometimes located, you will have access to in-state jewelers and cutters that work with benitoite. You may also want to talk with representatives from the Capistrano Mining Company - located in California - who may be able to offer info on benitoite faceting services.

Thank-you, and do write back again if you have any additional questions about your benitoite stones.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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