How to Minimize Cloudiness in A Pear Shaped Diamond RIng

by Janet
(Long Island, New York)

I have had a pear shaped diamond for 42 years. I re-set it a few years ago and it now seems to have darker shadowing. My original was a solitaire, but now the setting includes a small diamond on each side. Is there a better setting to make it sparkle more again?

Hi Janet,

If the ring did not show any noticeable darker shadowing after you had the pear shaped diamond re-set with two small diamonds on the sides, the shadowing could be caused by accumulated dirt and oils which have become lodged behind the main pear diamond and its two partners.

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When dirt – and particularly oil – accumulates behind diamonds, it can often develop a thin cement-like layer of debris which not only leads to darkening under the diamonds but can also cause the diamonds to look cloudy.

When diamonds are set together, it can be especially difficult to remove oil and dirt which has become compacted underneath the diamonds with time.

So, if you have noticed the brilliance and fire of the pear diamond and its two sisters decreasing over time, I highly recommend using the cleaning services of a professional jeweler.

The ring may need to be soaked for a few hours – and even overnight – in a special cleaner that will not harm the diamonds to loosen the layer of dirt and oil which has become trapped under the diamonds…..after the ring is soaked, the diamonds and band can be completely cleaned.

However, if you noticed that the pear diamond looked darker right after it was re-set, then you may want to have the diamond re-set in a raised 6-prong style setting with the two smaller diamonds in a snug channel set closer to the band.

Any setting though which will raise and suspend the pear diamond – and keep it slightly higher than the two diamonds on the sides – will help to maximize its sparkle and shine.

One last thing to consider too, because you mentioned in the title of your question that the diamond may be cloudy, it is a good idea to have the pear diamond thoroughly checked for pits, fissures or fractures which could have caused the cloudy appearance to develop – especially if you noticed the diamond suddenly becoming cloudy.

If you have the ring professionally cleaned, the jeweler can examine the diamond for you to make sure it is still in great shape.

I hope this answers your question, and do write back if you have any additional questions!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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