How to Find the Best Wedding Ring?

by Amber

How can you find the right wedding ring to suit your girl?

Hi Amber,

How to find the right wedding or engagement ring is a question which has been asked since the beginning of engagement and wedding ring history! But, here are a few tips which couples can use to find the best ring.

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Many couples talk about the rings they want before they become engaged – and more and more couples today go shopping for wedding rings together to make sure they choose the right rings. Plus, with the wonderful worldwide web, couples can shop for – or look for – wedding and engagement ring styles online without ever leaving home!

Discussing preferred types of wedding and engagement ring styles before a proposal may not be the most romantic solution (it takes away the surprise factor), but it is definitely one of the best options couples can use to be sure they find the right rings.

Alternatively, if someone wants to pop the question by surprise, a little bit of detective work can help to uncover the perfect ring. In this scenario, family and friends of the prospective spouse can be a huge help. They can ask questions here and there to find out which styles and designs are preferred without tipping the person off – just make sure they can keep a secret : )

Likewise, friends and family can also be a helpful resource to find what size of engagement/wedding ring is needed. After all, during a shopping trip a best friend or family member can innocently take the unknowing fiancée into a jewelry store to try on a few rings – or to casually check ring sizes. Then, they can report back with the details.

In the end, if an engagement or wedding ring is purchased without consulting with the fiancée beforehand, it is best to make sure the ring comes with at least a 30-day return policy – just in case the style isn’t exactly what she would prefer!

Hope this info helps – and do write back if you have any additional questions.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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