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Hiddenite Gemstone
by: Anonymous

If the gem stone does not come from hiddenite NC it is not hiddenite gem stones the stuff from Brazil is not he same mineral make. The hiddenite from North Carolina is not in the beryl family it is the mineral spodumene in hiddenite gemstone.


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On EWR's page about Hiddenite Gemstones it clearly mentions that hiddenite is a rare form of spodumene - I'm not sure why you pointed out that hiddenite is not in the beryl family as this was not mentioned on the site?? Regarding that the only true hiddenite is the hiddenite gems from North Carolina - this matter is still being debated by scientists and gemologists alike. Green spodumene gemstones found around the world in areas like Brazil, California and Pakistan are considered hiddenite by some - others feel that they should technically be known as green spodumene. : )

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