Georgian Ring??

I brought this ring 18 years ago from an antique store in New Zealand.
I remember them telling me at the time, that the stone was backed with foil or paper to give it its colour? Which is a lavender colour. The ring has no stamps or markings, but they told me it had been tested and that is was gold. The gold looks like rose gold. It's hard to tell from the photo but there are two leaves that hold the mount and the backing is also gold, but it is a little blackened from dirt, as I have been too scared to clean. The backing has a very slight gap in the top and bottom, so it's not completely closed over if that makes sense?

I have only just started wearing this ring again, it has been stored for many years, and I feel that in my younger years I didn't think much for the fact that it probably shouldn't have been cleaned with water etc.. So I feel the original material used to back the stone has more than likely been damaged.

Any info on the era of this ring would be appreciated :)

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