Edwardian Engagement Ring

by Tara


I was wondering how to find history about an Edwardian ring. Do you know how to obtain such information? Is there anything you could tell me from the pictures of the ring? We bought it from an antique dealer but did not have any history behind it. It is a platinum with a 1.5 ct diamond and .25 ct of 12 small diamonds. It was from an estate sale in NY.

Thank you!

Hi Tara,

Unfortunately if the ring itself does not contain any identifying stamps or maker's marks, it would be difficult to even begin to obtain a history about the ring.

Edwardian rings are identified mainly by their filigree work, metals used to create the rings, diamond cuts and styles. If the ring was purchased at an estate sale, then you could possibly contact the persons or business which arranged the sale to try to find out more about the ring and where it came from.

I wish I could offer additional info, but again without any identifying marks the only way to find out more about the history of the ring is to possibly try to track where the ring came from through the estate sale. You might be able to obtain info regarding the previous owner of the ring through the estate sale and perhaps contact any family members that could offer additional info.

Best of luck with your search on your ring history!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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