Durability of Pearl Engagement Rings

by Des

Pearl rings look exquisite, but I am afraid a pearl engagement ring will quickly deteriorate. Do you think a pearl ring would hold with every day use? And if so, is there a life span on a pearl ring?

Hi Des,

It is true that pearl engagement rings require special care, but with the right type of care they can last more than a lifetime.

Pearls don’t really deteriorate (unless they are exposed to acidic or alkaline solutions), but they can scratch and they will absorb chemicals or oils. In time, if pearls are continually exposed to harsh treatment, oils or chemicals they will eventually lose their radiant luster, or become chipped, cracked or scratched.

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To maintain a pearl engagement ring in tip-top shape, keep these tips in mind:

  • Remove pearl engagement rings before showering, bathing or swimming.

  • It is best to remove pearl rings before applying lotion to your hands and when applying hair products such as mousse or hairspray.

  • To reduce risks for scratches, store pearl rings in a separate soft pouch.

  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaners. If your pearl ring needs to be cleaned, wipe with a soft damp cloth and a very mild soap (no detergents) and then wipe dry. (Or have the ring cleaned by a professional).

  • Pearl rings should be removed before performing household chores which could expose the pearls to cleaning chemicals. Likewise, pearl rings should be removed before engaging in intensive activities which could expose the pearl to hard knocks or blows.

Expect a pearl engagement ring to develop a deep luster with time. Pearls are organic materials, and they will gradually absorb oils from the skin – over the years, these oils will enhance the natural patina of the pearls.

While pearl engagement rings need special care, they can last for ages with a little TLC. Pearls were commonly featured in antique ring styles – including Georgian and Victorian rings – and the pearls in many of these rings still look quite stunning even though they are hundreds of years old. (There is no set lifespan of a pearl, it all depends on how the pearl has been cared for. In fact, pearl jewelry has been found in archaeological digs and dated to thousands of years old).

Although pearls require more care than diamonds or strong gemstones like sapphires and rubies – nothing quite beats the classical look of the pearl. I believe this is why pearl rings have remained so popular throughout the centuries – but I may be a bit biased, because pearl engagement rings are some of my top favorite types of wedding rings!

I hope this info helps, and do write to us again if you have any further questions –

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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