Diamond Cubic Zirconia Switch?

by Beverly
(North Carolina)

I believe my diamond may have been switched with a cubic zirconia recently when I had it reset in a larger band. My 1/4 cut diamond was bought 43 years ago and I knew it well. The new "diamond" seems flat and very white. My original would shower a prisms or small circular rainbows on a surface when the sun shone on it. I am 62 and will be going for stem cell transplant in 4 weeks. This is causing me stress and heartache at the thought that the engagement ring my husband gave me in 1972 may be gone. Also the flat surface on top seems larger around. I called the jeweler that did my ring a few days ago and ask about the color and she said it was because I had it set a little lower to the band, it is a solitaire. Can you tell from my descriptions if a switch is possible? Should I have another jeweler to look at it? I just read on a site that czs will lose brilliance and "fade" over time and I want to leave this to my daughter. Please help! I do not know how to send pictures.

Hi Beverly,

While this can be concern when rings are taken in for re-set, cleanings etc., it is very rare for a diamond to be actually switched out with a cubic zirconia. The jeweler would have to have a variety of czs on hand in the right sizes and cuts in order to make this type of switch - and reputable jewelers would never risk their business by engaging in this type of deception.

Instances when diamonds are switched out for cubic zirconia generally are only seen when re-sellers buy small diamond rings, switch out the diamonds for re-sale and replace the diamonds with czs and then try to sell the 'new' rings as authentic diamond rings. This is also quite uncommon though as there are so many differences visually between cubic zirconia and diamonds - and a re-seller risks prison time for false marketing.

It is true that the prism effect on diamonds can look vastly different depending on how the diamond is set, the prongs used in the setting, and even if the diamond has recently been cleaned. Changing band size and width can also affect how much a diamond will sparkle and shine.

Because this is such a concern for you, I would suggest taking the ring to a reputable jeweler who can perform a quick examination of the ring to reveal whether your diamond is still a diamond. Really this is the only way to relieve any concerns you have on the issue.

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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