Custom Designing My Own Pearl Engagement Ring

I want to design my girlfriend's engagement ring. She wants a pearl with diamonds. I cant find a place that will help me design with a pearl.

No problem - to see EWR's favorite places for bespoke pearl engagement rings read on!

Custom design is definitely a terrific option for pearl rings, especially because pearl engagement ring styles in particular are somewhat limited.

Below are EWR’s top recommendations for online jewelers which offer custom engagement ring services for pearl rings. Just remember that with any online (or local) bespoke jewelry service you’ll need to make sure to begin the design of the rings as soon as possible as custom made rings can take more than a month to design and craft.

  • For anyone planning on a December or New Year's proposal, this is the most popular time of the year for proposals and engagements - and so custom engagement and wedding ring boutiques are quite busy this time of the year. If you would like a bespoke ring for a holiday engagement, it is best to start the design process no later than the beginning of October to make sure the ring will be ready in time.

Keep in mind as well that with pear engagement ring styles, you’ll want to avoid any design with white gold. This is because repeated rhodium plate applications are too hard on pearls, and pearls that go through the rhodium plate process will eventually begin to pit and degrade.

Instead, choose long lasting durable metals like platinum, palladium, 18k yellow gold or 18k rose gold. While all of these metals will wear well with time, if you would like a premium pearl ring platinum is definitely the best metal to choose as it has the highest level of durability.

Now on to our recommendations!

Brilliant Earth, located in California, has a full custom design service featuring an experienced team of jewelry designers and artisans. BE’s team can also help you to select the best diamonds for your fiancée’s ring.

The design process here starts with an initial quote on the work with the metals and gemstones of your choice followed by a drawing of the design. If that drawing is approved a 3-D CAD/wax model of the ring is created for your final approval before the ring is handcrafted by the design team in-house. Here is an example of a custom pearl ring designed by BE.

In addition to an amazing design team and stellar workmanship, another reason why BE is our #1 recommendation for engagement and wedding rings is because only eco-friendly metals and ethical gemstones are used to create jewelry pieces. And there is pretty much no limitations to what the design team can do including engraving the band with elaborate designs or crafting the band with intricate filigree work – and the team can also create a matching band for her pearl engagement ring too!

Green Lake Jewelry Works, located in Seattle Washington, is a highly reputable custom design boutique which like Brilliant Earth specializes in ethical and eco-friendly handcrafted rings made with the highest standards of workmanship in mind. Many of the custom design pieces showcased on the GL website features amazing detail, and the artisans also have experience creating custom pearl engagement rings. Handcrafted pearl wedding ring styles are included in the selection of made-to-order wedding rings available here too.

Daniel Prince: DP is located across the pond so to speak (in London), but this company specializes in luxury bespoke jewellery and has a lovely and quite stunning example of a recent custom designed pearl engagement ring wedding set on the website. You'll need to send in an online enquiry about the ring design that you are thinking of, and even though most of the custom clients have an in-person consultation, DP may be able to design a custom ring for you through online consultations only.

Another option is to check-out local jewelers in your area to see if any jewelers may be able to custom design a pearl ring for you too. But if you are able to locate a nearby jeweler for the work, be sure that you receive a written agreement which includes a quote of the ring's cost and a defined time of when the ring will be completed.

I do hope this information is helpful - and if you do end up having the ring custom designed we would love to hear back from you with a review of the service you used (and a pic of the ring if possible to share with future visitors).

Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you all the best with your custom ring design!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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