Can antique rings have the same designs?

by Connie
(Nebraska )

I've recently received an Edwardian aquamarine ring as a gift. Although the ring has all signs of wear and characteristics of an antique ring, I did find rings on eBay and other sites with very similar or even exact design of filigree. I know that there's a possibility of replication of the design of rings but do you know if it's a common thing for multiple rings to be produced with the same design and filigree?

Hi Connie,

It is rare to find authentic antique Edwardian rings with the exact same design. And I have seen similar rings such as the one you posted here on Ebay, Etsy and other places where people can set up a shop without having to prove the authentication of the rings they are selling. In fact, I strongly advise against purchasing possible antique or vintage rings through these avenues unless the seller is a verified antique dealer plus provides certificates of authentication with the rings.

It would be helpful if you can find out where exactly the ring was purchased. If the seller provided no history of an education in antique jewelry and did not provide a certificate of authentication with the ring, then I would suspect that this ring is a replica.

It is not uncommon too for replicas to show signs of wear, which are deliberately made to make the ring look older than it actually is. However most people do not know that many antique rings, even from the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, are still often found in pristine like new condition.

Discovering the metal the ring is made from (platinum was a very popular metal during the Edwardian age) and the cut of the aquamarine would be helpful too.

Aquamarine was not a popular gemstone during the Edwardian time, instead many gemstone Edwardian rings are made with much brighter and bolder gemstones like sapphires, opals, emeralds and mother of pearl.

So, to find out if this ring is a replica it would be best to ask where it was purchased and then research the seller.

I hope this info is helpful and that you can discover the true origins of your ring. Even if it is a replica though, it is a very beautiful ring!

Suzanne Gardner
Everything Wedding Rings

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